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lesions on face

For over a year I have had these strange lesions on my face.  They start off small and continue to get bigger.  They have these little fleshy plugs in them that hurt like hell.  Nothing and I mean nothing gets rid of them unless you extract every single fleshy thing and just when you think you have more comes out.  They scab over and over and over. Yes I have tried to leave them alone.   I've tried fungal medication antibiotics ever essential oil or otc cream you can think of.  It feels like glass is in your face.  They are horrific and can't be covered with makeup.  It almost looks like worms under the skin around them. ... meaning the skin is raised in areas.  Inside their seems to also be semi circle things, idk what they are. If you remove one of the fleshy things it bleeds like hell them stops suddenly within about 3 seconds.  I'm atthe end of my rope. They continue to spread and ruin my skin.  Sometimes when I'm tired I think about putting acid on them cause I can't go on public anyway. Please if anyone knows what this is help!  
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Trust me this isn't cystic acne I've been to 5 doctors
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This forms a scab that never goes away
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I know what this is... I have it, and I've found a way to treat it.  Don't get grossed out.

I've been suffering from Demodex on my face for years.  The first lesions that I recall were in 2007. I finally found the nasty mites by using a 30X jewelers' loupe.  I found sulfur to be the most effective, but it still wouldn't control the condition.  The mites first form what looks like a pimple, but it's actually a Demodex volcano.  There are literaly thousands of mites in these bumps.  The sores they create rarely go away.  I call them a volcano because they have this recessed center portion with a protective wall around them.  They form layers of mites on your skin.  You may have to crack through many layers (I lost track of how many I removed) before getting down to you actual skin.  I found that sulfur was the most effective treatment, but it did not control the condition.

As if that isn't gross enough,  I discovered that the source of the mites were my eyes.  Yes, my EYES.  This condition is called blepharitis.  I don't have the nasty looking crusty crap or white spots at the base of my eyelashes. However, my vision is getting worse, I don't drive at night, and my eyes become glassy, bloodshot and red after driving for long distances or going to the movie theater.  I also noticed that my eyes frequently itched and I've woken up to a feeling that I had sand in my eyes.

I'll get to the good part now.  I found an eyedrop that contains sulfur, and it provided almost instant improvement in the condition. The product is by Dr. Christopher, and here's the Amazon link to the product.


I also purchased the face cream from Dr. Christopher.  This cream literally caused the rat bastards to start falling out.  The white vellum hairs, which I'm convined are part of the pathology, also started coming out.  Massaging the cream in worked even better.  I could feel the little jerks on my fingertips as they were coaxed from their hiding places. Here's the link to the cream.


Here's even more good news...  I had 2 areas of dark circles under my eyes.  One was right at my cheekbone, and the other was at the bottom of the soft area under my eyes.  THEY ARE ALMOST COMPLETELY GONE!!  Also, the wrinkles around my eyes are going away...  Even the crows feet.  My face looks thinner, and the uneven skin tone is also going away.  I look basically a lot younger than my 51 years.  Oh, I did have white dots in the soft area under my eyes.  They are gone too.  I also massage the cream onto my eyelids and eye lashes.

I also recommend getting a jewlers' loupe to examine what is coming off from around your eyes and out of your face.  They are cheap.  Here's the link to one for $3.47 with free shipping.


I hope this helps you!!
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