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hi...I have dark marks of pimples on my face what is the best removal for mark? is this related of my cysts I have ovarian cysts..thank you
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Hi and hope you are doing well.
A clinical examination is necessary for correct diagnosis and treatment of your condition. The marks which are left behind after acne could be due to  post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation or scars left behind by your acne lesions. In scarring the collagen in the skin is damaged from inflammation. This results in permanent changes in texture in the skin. It is known that cane can lead to permanent scarring which can be disfiguring. Discoloration from acne is usually easier to treat compared to scarring. There are many medications available which can lighten this discoloration. The few over the counter creams which contain 2 percent hydroquinone, a bleaching agent or with combination of medications like hydroquinone with tretinoin plus a cortisone cream can be helpful. It is best to get assessed by a dermatologist. There are many new techniques available like laser and other modalities which can help. A clinical examination is necessary before deciding the appropriate treatment for your condition. For more queries and concerns visit a dermatologist. Hope it helped.
Best luck and regards!
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