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please help my skin

i am 29 yrs old,had beautiful skin till i was 16.  than suffered from very bad break outs my skin was red and had bumps that turned into acne.  i always had an oily sheen even after just washing my face, very shiny
i am now 29,i get a few little pimples a week that last a day of two, they are not bumps just enlarged pores with white stuff in them that clear up after i evacuate them.  if i squeeze my skin on my cheeks or nose een when a pimple is not present,white stuff comes out.(yes i know you shouldn't do this.  i am on diane 35 for breakouts. started blue light treatments and use medique as a cleanser,which has aha and bha.  my skin is now dry dry dry, and patchy red.  i tried nizoral on my face and it helped but made it drier. i wake up with my skin dehydrated and peeling.  i also use marcelle aquarelle moisturizer and marcelle foundation,both non comedogenic.  i have developed a complex and have seen 3 dermatologists all with different answers.
1.use dove pink bar
2.use cetaphile-made my face brakeout
very frustrated, and find it difficult to go out even though im sure its not as bad as i think
can this be a food intolerance thing? or any suggestions......... please help i'm at my whits end
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Hi sara. Laser treatments can cause a histamine response which would make your skin patchy and red. Did you have a patch test before commencing therapy and is the clinic that treated you happy with your progress? Did the blue light clinic advise use of medique as a cleanser? AHA's can cause rashes on sensitized skin. I would suggest using Lutsine Hydrafnia cleanser and moisturizer which is especially designed for acne-prone skin which has become irritated or dry due to some acne treatments. Be patient with Diane35, it is an effective treatment. Loiloi x
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Have you considered adding spironolactone/aldactone to your regimin? It couldn't hurt. Google " spironolactone and acne " and read up about it. It could be exactly what you need, and solve your problem in 2-3 weeks. It also won't hurt. Good luck.
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