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reverse accutane effects

Is there anything that can be done to reverse the effects of accutane.  I have had side effects from the drug since I took it in 1998.  Every doctor I've described my symptoms to has dismissed accutane as the cause.  They say that all the pain and problems that I have are from depression.  I feel like being in pain everyday has caused me to be depressed.
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Hi. Specifically, please tell me your symptoms and whether they have been diagnosed by a doctor. Have you been diagnosed as suffering from depression and do you take any medications for this?
Eloise x
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My symptoms are sore muscles everyday.  More severe neck and shoulder pain almost always getting worse throughout the day.  Dry sinus.  Rash,  bumps on my scalp, dry scalp.  Light sensitivity.  On top of that I feel that I do suffer from depression which varies in intensity.  The last doctor I went to see felt that I was depressed and gave me some samples of Lexapro to try.  He also dismissed the idea that Accutane has anything to do with it.  I have been considering trying the anti-depressants but am skeptical of there benifits and worried about more side effects.  Also immediately after my taking accutane I gave myself a Hernia which I had to have surgery for.  Many would not think that it was related but I do.  
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Hi. Accutane has been found to cause muscle and skeletal problems in long term administration. How long did you take it for, and at what does?
Although no causal link has been established, accutane patients have rarely reported depression whilst taking it and shortly after stopping. Accutane does not stay in your body for as long as people think. It results in long term remission from acne because it shrinks the oil glands and they return to their previous size very very slowly.
Your doctor will monitor your progress on anti-depressants. I was skeptical about taking mine (Venlafaxine). I didn't see how tablets could change my problems. But they did help to change how I felt about my problems.
Have you tried any medication or physio to lessen your pain? Regardless of the cause, you need to treat this discomfort.
Your skin may be drier than it was before. I recommend using La Roche-Posay products for dryness or sensitivity. Eucerin is also a good brand and they make a shampoo which will help your scalp.
Eloise x
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I suffer from Ankylosing Spodiliitis, Chrohns and IBS. I had informed the dermatologist of all of this. I was prescribed Roaccutane, 6 months after putting me on Dianette. I immediately began to suffer joint  and muscle pain in areas I hadnt with my Spondilitis. I have 2 young children and I work with patients. I found the pain so crippling, I find it hard to take care of my children who have found watching me deteriorate difficult. My colleagues and patients are alarmed by my prescence in work. I cant go off sick as jobs are to be lost within the department within the next few months. I now sleep on the sofa as I find it hard to lift myself out of bed. Driving is painful and I cant afford an automatic car.
I have taken roaccutane for 5 months. 4 months on 35mg and 1 month on 40mg. I chose to come off the treatment as there had only been a slight improvement in my skin.The dermatologist's assistant has agreed I should come off the treatment as I am struggling. She then told me it is not that effective on over 30's and she'll arrange an appointment to investigate the cause of my acne. I am angry and upset this wasnt done before putting me on Roaccutane. Why put someone who has health issues on such a toxic treatment ! I am also suffering with terrible cramp and bloatedness of the stomach, I am taking Colofac with no success. What can I do to get relief?
I feel not enough research has been carried out on this medication and should not be offered to people who have a condition like mine or have a family connection to any form of joint/muscle/digestive concern. I feel more should be done for all these people who are now suffering. I dont believe my symptoms will subside after a certain length of time, not after reading all the comments posted on line from people let down by " Dermatologists".
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I too am suffering from IBS and joint pain due to i believed Accutane.  I am currently taking 3 tabs of Wobenzyme on empty stomach in morning and take 2 tabs of bromelain 2,000 or 3,000 GDU/tab at bedtime with a melatonin 5mg tab for sleep and pain and inflammation relief.  I am getting a stem cell treatment soon to hopefully reverse the IBS/Chrohn's disease and help with the chronic fatigue.  Will let you know if it helps.
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Incredible information on IBD and chrohns ----->The Autoimmune Paleo Breakthrough,Anne Angelone.

I have found that supplements and Chinese herbs have helped more than anything else. I have been doing regular acupuncture for years and the true key is to find a real healer! I've had several naturopaths and acupuncturists that are only kind of helping. MOVE ON. find someone that is committed to long term health, and trying new things. Find people that make you feel better after the first visit! I can't thank my alternative medicine providers enough!!!

Diet of course is key. With weak intestinal tracts, our bodies are sensitive to foods that other people digest easily.

List of things I consistently take because they make me feel noticeably better.
Ginger tea, licorice, fish oil, vitamin B liquid mix, liquid vitamin D, evening primrose, Chinese herbals include digestive harmony, and liver function supplement.

I also stock up on common herbal remedies for the cold season. Taking over the counter cold remedies can be awful on your intestines.
Bach Flower brand works great.
Aloe juice straight can make your stomach much stronger.
Caprylic acid occasionally when my gut feels super bloated or unable to digest. ( this can be because of built up bacteria or fungus like infections in your intestinal tract)
Mayan abdominal massage
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Also a book called Between Heaven and Earth.....an explanation of eastern medicinal philosophy and lots of helpful remedies, recipes, and self healing!
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