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scab that has grit. red bumps with grit.

What is wrong with scabs that have black specs of sand like ingrediant. when scab heals up there are black specks under scab and when opened grit falls out. I have scars all over my arms and legs only. They dont itch, just I have a picking problem anyway and it makes me want those black specs and sores to go away...
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The better question would be why haven't you addressed the "picking problem" you say you have.  You have "scars all over my arms and legs only."  Are you picking because you have an urge to and if you don't feed that urge you will become bothered bit it?  If so, then my suggestion would be for you to seek out a therapist (psychologist) to get a diagnosis.  Picking skin is one of the compulsions that people with OCD have.  I'm not saying you have OCD but I think it is worth talking to a therapist about.  You have to be hating the scars and the way they look.  Why not address the root problem and not be worried about whether there are black specks in the scabs?  
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i have third degree burns on 30% of my body n over my right shoulder i had the worst scabbing due o the wire in my bra melting into my skin...i too had a gritty...i would say sand like texture to it. i have always wondered why?
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