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Hi ill be short ... I have 3 swollen nodes in my neck the past 18 months haven't moved one has gotton slightly bigger .. One is above collar bone one right in beside my throat and one up the side ... I have had bloods done low red blood count low b12 and low folate ... Past 6 weeks Iv had a lot of bruising mainly on my legs .. Defo not from injury .. They begin yellow with purple spots .. Some look like burst veins . Iv an s shaped one on my thigh that started today ... Being checked for celiac this week .. Initial reason I went to the doc was for dizziness and severe fatigue ... Sleeping 15 hours a night ... Iv suffered headaches for years I think that's just me ... Anyone any insight on this ? I recently had surgery 3 months ago for endo and polyps and had the coil fitted .. Doc doesn't think the mirena coil would cause bruising ? I'm not thinkin I have cancer but any one ANYTHINH ? Thanks
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Hi A,
What has your doctor said about your low blood count, b12 and folte? have you had your test for celiac?

IMO I would ask your doctor to check your bone marrow----low red blood cells could be indicative of a disfuntion in your blood making marrow---I say COULD. I am not a doctor , so please just go over this with him.

Please if you would keep us posted on this.

All the best,
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