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Diagnosed with crps after surgery on cuboid bone in foot

Has anyone been diagnosed with CRPS?  I had surgery on June 24th 2015 on my cuboid bone in rt foot. Dr cleaned bone and took 2 bone fragments out of tendon and out of foot. As of August 29. I am still in a lot of pain mostly when walking which I can only go short distances. Outside of foot from two toes down side of foot to heel is numb and very sensitive. I have a lot of the pins and needles feeling. My ortho said I should not be having these symptoms. He had me on norco 7.5 1-2 every 4-6 hours. I was taking 2 every 5 hours and still in pain. He just sent me to a pain management dr and he had notes from ortho and said I have CRPS and that he will be doing nerve blocks atleast 2 in the next few weeks. Oh and he took me off of norco and put me on 15 mg morphine 2 x'day and no pain relief.
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I have been diagnosed with CRPS.  The route to pain relief and feeling better is complicated at best.  There are many different approaches to treatment.  The best advice I can give you is if you don't like what your pain management doc is doing, find another.  I've been through several.  Nerve blocks may help, opioids may help, burning the nerves with radio frequencies may also help.  Just remember, pain relief is a process.
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