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I need help please!

I've had night sweats big time, temp off and on, lost 35 pounds in 3 months and still losing, nausea, lower back pain and severe leg pain. I have now incontence. Leg weakness and more. I don't feel well. The only thing I can tell you is my Lymph numbers were always 28 to lower 30' now it's 14. My platelets are 535 and they used to be normal range.  I am now tired for no reason.

Do the white blood cell numbers have to be low in the beginning to diagnose? I am getting worse. One other thing my MRI showed bone marrow edema, but it showed before my surgery I had in Dec.  I spoke with a Hemotoligist/ Oncology office and said my doctor should have ordered a biopsy by now. They refuse to though.

Question, what do you make of this? I feel like a yo yo with the doctors. I am scared and they won't do other tests.

I will explain more later when I can get back on.  Cancer runs in my family big time.  Family says my symptoms fit a type of leukemia. I hope I am in the right section. If not I apologize. I feel so awful and well my vision is very blurry right now and I am confused. Thank you ahead of time.
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P.s. I am really really scared and I peed my pants again and I am also at the same time not completely emptying my bladder, so I am peeing a lot running to the toilet. The ER dr didn't do anything last night except give me a shot and it didn't help at all. I woke up with a horrible migraine as well. Something is wrong and they are not finding it. There are so many tests and they never did one. The pain is running down the back of my leg and the side too. I've been in tears and I am as I type this on my phone, so it may have a lot of errors.  I just want the pain and symptoms gone! I want to feel like I did at least 14 years ago before I get old and there's no turning back and feeling better. I don't want this to effect my marriage (intimacy issues because of pain in my back/leg).

I called the Ortho office again today and the receptionist was so rude to me and said I am going to tell you some trigger now, calling again and crying is not going to get you to talk to them any sooner. I gave them the message and they'll call you back when they feel like it.  Well I already had tears from pain, but that caused me more tears from her attitude.  

I have lost so much weight.  And over a week I ate four boxes of Hostess cakes 4 bags of cheetos  a box a big box of frozen white castles ham and cheese a lot of bread and several other things to see if I would gain the weight back before I went to the doctor and instead I lost more weight.
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Any idea what the diagnosis was?
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