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Lab results

Not sure if this is the right community, but when I googled my blood test counts, this came up.

Recent blood tests show low neutrophils segmented percent at 40.4% (50-70% normal), high eosinophils percent at 14.1% (1-5% normal), and high eosinophils absolute at .9 (.05-.5 normal)

What does this mean?

Doctor said due to allergies (hay fever) but I have NO symptoms of allergies. I do have a middle ear infection. I swim A LOT and didn't do the best job getting my ears dry. However, that's not bad. It doesn't hurt. I went to doc to get it checked because it was itching and sounding clogged. Other than that. Zero symptoms.

However, I have been having other "odd" things going on. They include
Trigeminal neuralgia (MRI indicated nothing. Determined idiopathic)
Drenching night sweats
Right ring finger joint pain, swelling, and redness
Left tibia shin pain intermittent. Sometimes feel sharp pain with normal walking
Flare ups of itchy skin - right hand only. Feels like pin prick coming through underside of skin
FREQUENT diarrhea
EXTREME fatigue
Sometimes neck lymph nodes swell and become painful. They don't swell big. Small round and tender.

I'm 44, female, 5'3, 128 lbs, swim 30 laps daily

Any ideas? Should this be concerning? Normal?

Thanks for any help.
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leukemia means too much white cells in the blood, your blood test is normal, so dont be worry about that, regarding your joint symptom you should see a rheumatologist/ a joint doctor specialist, as it could be a disease caused by attacking your joint by your own immune cells called rheumatoid arthritis or other related disease and you can make sure by some blood tests and symptomatic criteria which match the disease, and please you can help answering my question posted on woman's health if you can I will appreciate. wish you an excellent health. regards.
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My blood test wasn't normal. My eosinophils were at 14.1%. They should be below 3%. Eosinophils are a type of white blood cell. GP refered me to a hematologist oncologist. Had no idea that was were I was going till I got there. When the girl called to set up appointment, I thought I was going to an ENT doc for a lingering ear infection. They ran a ton of test, sent me to get an echocardiogram and a ct scan. Then they called me and have scheduled a follow up appointment to go over the results for May 19th. I'm a little freaked. Docs office wouldn't give test results over phone.

So now I'm wondering what this means that I have a follow up appointment to review the tests with doc.
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