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My 2 year old has Normal CBC, Petechiae, Distended Liver, and Leg pain?

My son is 2 years old. He has petechiae that has been accumulating on his back and his abdomen, it isnt anywhere else, it keeps growing. His liver is normal shape but distended, he wont hardly eat and his legs hurt him so bad at times that he will make me carry him and he will cry for hours about it. He has good days and days where he just can't play like he usually does and he will just cry and whine all day.. Im so worried, he has had 2 rounds of CBCs done a week apart, he keeps getting worst, he has had a ultrasound of his liver (confirming the liver is enlarged) and an X-ray (they wouldn't reveal why they did this). My grandfather had leukemia around this time and it resulted in a bone marrow transplant. We don't have. Any other family history, except more cancers. This all has been happening over a series of of 2-2.5 months.
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