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Roth spot

So here we go. In the beginning of February I was at a family birthday party with about 19 people. Of the 19 people 14 got sick with and of the 14 sick people 9 test for COVID. My wife and I were one of the 5 that got sick but did not test. My doc said just rest as nothing they can really do. So I am assuming that all 14 of had COVID since we all got sick at same time with same symptoms.

Fast forward about a month. I went in for routine eye exam and the doctor said she saw 1 very tiny hemmorage . I call a few day later and she told me it was a Roth while at the appointment I was told it was a renial hemmorage. I my bout with COVID I have had zero symptoms of anything ,felt the best I have felt in a long time.

So yesterday I went for physical and doc looked me over felt around and only she said was I had wax in ear and evertything else looked perfect. So we are doing routine blood work and now just waiting on the results.

Based on research from web it appears COVID could be the issue as it is considered a systemic illness which could cause the hemmorage in eye. Also actually there are cases of Roth spots being linked to coughing in people with a  respiratory infection. Of course the web tells you the worst things Like Leukemia etc.... my sugar floats between 95 and 107 ( fasting) so maybe diabetes?

I would assume if something serious I would have other systems but I feel great. Any thoughts on these Roth spots? I spoke to an er doc and he thinks that based on the timing of being sick with COVID and the discovery of the Roth he would suggest that those 2 are linked since there were no symptoms prior to the COVID.

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