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I need help. Please get me through this detox, please get me through this pain. I need you now, God, more than ever. Please allow me to feel Your presence through all of this. I need Your hand, Your guidance, Your will, not mine. I need to have faith that You will heal me. I can not do this alone. Please, God. Please, I beg you. Help me become who it is You want me to be.
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amen !
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Remembe you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you! Focus your mind set on God. After 14years of Lortab God set me free and he will do the same. Please, hold on to him and I encourage you to get on the word of God. Renewing of the mind is so so important and the healing of the body will follow.

God is with you and you aree in my prayers

Lord Jesus Christ,
I abandon myself to you,
I give myself to You just as I am,
the good, the bad and the indifferent,
I hold nothing back.
I give you my fears, my resentments, and my anger,
I give you my powerlessness, my failures, and defeats,
I make Lord over all me.
I renounce everything that is not from You or You.

Give to me the power and grace to love You
and to serve You.
Fill me with Your joy and Your Peace.
Have mercy on me and help me this day.

Lord Jesus,
If I should change my mind later about all this,
then do it anyways in spite of me,
I give You my will,change it as You see fit,
Deliver from my self-seeking,
Make me into one who helps others,
and desires to do YOUR WILL!

Amen-so be it!

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