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Im trying to tamper down on my methadone, i have such a strong earge to take another pill,,, how can i over come this earge without loosing my mind and giving in
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tonight at 7pm marks my two day mark of NO methadone..im ok...but i also have the urge to take one...omg. and i only have 2 anyways. this may sound corny but when i get an urge i come here and go through my messages people have wrote to me with words of encouragement and also read posts. and another thing... if i didnt have my DISH ntwk with 250 channels id go NUTS lol. i dont know if this helps but i hope !! im kinda in the same shoes u are sooo anytime u want u can message me and vent to me...im here to listen.who knows---i may need an 'ear' one day...:) much luck to u....

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thanks jess for your reply sweetie! I finally dont have a earge today for another pill TG! Congrats on your 2 days clean!! Thank You for saying that your here if i need you the same applies to you. Do you have yahoo messanger?? or aol messanger?

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