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Info for oxy CT or rapid taper

Hello - I've been a user of 5-6 30mg oxy/day. Only ever took them at night. Financially, this has become a huge problem, and I've had enough. I took the next week off work, and today is my first day taking a significantly reduced dose (only 1 30, and I'm going to bed). Tomorrow, I'm hoping to take nothing at all. From what I have read in other posts, day3 or 4 is the worst. I was hoping to confirm this. I have access to Valium, Lomotil and Phenergan, thank goodness, but I would like to know that I'll be okay in 8 days to return to work. I know that after this week of hell - and any info on the circle of hell I will be in would be nice, too - the real work begins. I was self medicating depression and profound unhappiness, until I realized that the self medicating was becoming responsible for what I was trying to escape. The shame, the guilt, the lack of money, the lack of quality time with my wonderful children are now bigger than me. I DON'T WANT THIS ANYMORE. I want to be free. To travel without worrying whether I had enough meds to 'enjoy' myself. The positives outweigh the negatives for getting off this horrible stuff. Anyone with info on what to expect in the next week and month, both physically and emotionally, would be really appreciated. Please help me - I want to do it. I believe I can win this fight. This sight has so many great and sympathetic users. Thanks for your support and advice.
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Hi. It's one month later. How are you?
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