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Nurofen Plus

Hello, I have only just become aware of this website and wish I'd looked a long time ago.  I have been addicted to Nurofen Plus for almost 18 years.  They used to be available in boxes of 72 and I would buy a box every single day for several years.  I took them in batches of 24 and sometimes I took 96 or even over a hundred.  I never felt ill unless I didn't get them, then I felt terrible.  At the time I had no idea what I was doing or why, only that I couldn't stop.  Eventually I told my GP and I got some help from the local NHS Drug Team.  At one point I was admitted to hospital for a couple of weeks and came off them but I was soon back taking them again.  These days I don't take quite so many, always a minimum of 32 which is the largest box size now and sometimes two boxes.  The main problem is the expense and it gets so difficult to keep hiding all the empty strips. I have tried so many times to get off them but I never quite make it and I wondered if anyone had any advice please?  I am really at my wits' end with this addiction and furious with my own inability to conquer it once and for all.  I am not stupid but I am certainly acting like it!  Many thanks.
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