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this drug but not that drug? how stupid am I be honest!

First let me say thanks for being here!!! Thanks for the invite lostsoul. Ok, I never thought I had a problem with drugs until I did. If that makes any sense. Opiates came into my life. Almost took my life once and continues to impact my life in a negative way. Quiting those pills is tough. I found the answer for me. I started smoking pot again after quiting for over 2 months. Now I thought life would improve greatly if I quit smoking herbs. All I did was replace a plant for poison. A plant for a pill. Bad trade off for sure. I dont feel like getting a pill or spending money on pills. When I smoke it makes any cravings go away. Or maybe I forget about the cravings. So is that drug Ok but opiates arent? Am I fooling myself? I do know this. I feel good. My mind feels good. I dont want to take pills at all. Maybe herbs can be used to help overcome opiate addiction. I mean if they will give you suboxone and methadone to help...A joint wont hurt anything at all. Then again. Im an addict!!!
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you substituted one for another i smoke and i suffer from schizophrenia,PTSD and tardive dyskinesia. smoking helps me eat and sleep but it is illegal in my state :)
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I had to stop abusing all substances.  I realized that my abuse was just a symptom of my disease and not the actual problem.  I also had gotten to a point where I was tired of being sick and tired.  I would switch back and forth between boozing and getting high.  As long as I didn't have to feel the way I felt I didn't much care what I took.  Eventually I wasn't able to achieve the high I got from drinking and drugging no matter how much I drank or smoked.  I started to not care about anything including my health, my wife, the house the bills.  All I cared about was feeding my addiction.  You may not yet be where I got to and you may not ever get there.  However you don't necessarily have to.  It wasn't until I got the booze and drugs out of my system and did a little work on myself that I started to truly feel good.  Most days I feel better than I did when I was using.  I also have better relationships with my wife, friends and family.  I cope better with stress and I haven't had to deal with any kind of hangover.

As far as the methadone, suboxone theory goes people are supposed to eventually come off that stuff with doctor supervision.  Do you have doctor prescribing you weed?  Or does your doctor even know you are smoking?  To me it sounds like you are still trying to B.S. yourself into thinking it's ok to still use.  Try putting it down and go to some mtgs.  AA or Na whatever you like.  Listen to what the folks have to say and follow some suggestions.  Give it an honest shot.  
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