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9 months after coming off opiates, still coughing!!

I have been taking morphine based drugs for 10 years due to chronic back issues, decided to stop taking as side effects got too much (effecting heart and gut), but still find I have a cough, which only come on after stopping medication (about 4 months after), it seems to come in bouts, might be gone a week then back... it's more like my throat closes and I struggle for air for a second, then cough and it clears... also have a horrible taste in mouth most of the time. Does anyone else have experience with this? How long does it last? Doctor is totally useless and is only interested in putting me back on the medication, which is not happening! Any advice or support would be greatly received! Thanks
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Hello and welcome. Congrats on breaking free from ten years of opiates.
Hun it isn't unusual what you are experiencing. 9 months compared to 10 years is really no comparsion.
It is going to take time to heal. Please be patient with the process. Opiates suppress our cough reflex and LOTS of stuff builds up in our lungs.   It will take time, maybe months, to clear out.
Drink emergen c
Take anti histamines. Treat your symptoms.
The opiates slow up and stop up all your bodily functions. So when you stop using them everything comes back with a vengeance.  
Yes you will have good minutes and bad minutes. The good will start to outweigh the bad.

Are you taking vitamins?

Your systems have to learn to adjust to no opiates.  patience is a virtue. Are you trying to get some walking in? This will also help your natural endorphins, serotonin and dopamine re-populate.

Keep moving forward you are healing.
keep the faith you are doing awesome.
Thank you so much for your help as I was beginning to feel so alone with this. I cycle nearly every day just to kick my endorphins back in and to feel human and that really works well. I'm getting lots of stomach cramps at present also but hopefully they will improve, thank you once again for your kind help
Your welcome. How are you doing? Good job on the cycling that is awesome.
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