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Addicted to Marijuana?

I've always heard people cant get addicted to marijuana,

But my friends have gained a tolerance for it.... They've lived here in the netherlands for 9 months now, and they have not gone ONE day without smoking some weed.

How can I help them stop smoking?
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have you tried talking to them about it?
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I am a addict, clean from pot for over 20 months. It is very addictive, contrary to what people say. It stays in your system for at least one month after quitting, so when you have a reduction of it, you will crave it. I found it much harder to quit compared to quitting drinking. Don't start smoking it, and tell your friends it is addictive, if they are not addicted to it then quit.
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I have talked to them, but I guess my talk wasnt any good...
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How did you manage to quit?  These friends of mine smoke about 1 gram a day....

I need to find a way to get them to reduce their smoking habbits
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Well I think it might come to an end.... I've started going to the gym with them.

So now they have less time in the day to actually sit down, roll a joint and smoke it......

And after gym they are to tired to do anything... This is a start.

I am their friend, but I cant get then to STOP. Ive tried, they've gone 4 days without it and got all cranky because they experienced "reality" when they are high they are away from the world and "happy"
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I've got friends who are addicted to smoking weed. I've tried talking to no avail, my problem is, can merely perceiving it frequently have an effect on me now or in the future? Cos this guyz will never stop. Thanks
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I've smoked pot in the past. The only addiction I personally felt was all mental. like craving something from your favorite fast food place. You want it, but there are no physical withdrawals besides being "edgy" or "irritated".
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The last comment is so true. Iv stoped and im a total
B!&&h now... I used to be so laid bak
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If you say pot is not physically addictive then you've obviously never been addicted to it.

Week or so long sweats says hello.

As far as your mates go OP, don't stress.  It's their choice and you cannot make it for them.
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Don't let anyone tell you pot isn't physically addictive. I have watched my husbands daughter who is addicted to pot. She had no money many times when she was a ten and we refused to pay for her addiction and believe me those withdrawals were physical as well as mental. Cocaine is taken much more seriously and it isn't nearly s physically addictive. Comedown ***** but after a few hours it's out and yet millions of people fight cocaine addiction. I was one of them. I guess what I'm saying is whether it's pot alcohol tobacco crack pills etc they are all terribly addicting if you are an addict. Some people like my husband can smoke pot a couple times a year. Me I can't do anything a couple times a year it had to be all day every day because I'm an addict which is why I am once again battling my pill addiction 6 days in.
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*teen not ten
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