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Anyone tried Smart Recovery?

I was cruising the net and came across this site and love it!  Thought I would share a little about SMART Recovery because its free.  Its based on CBT and REBT... cognitive behavioral training and rational emotive behavioral training.  Their 4 point program teaches.  1) Building and Maintaining Motivation  2) Coping with Urges  3) Managing Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors  4) Living a Balanced Life.  Not only are there online and Face to Face meetings but the online community is a SOLID support system.  

Their view on God and spirituality is that its a very personal thing and dont say things things like, "in order for you to get better you must turn your will and life over to a higher power" OR "The only way you will get better is if you ask God to remove your defects of character"  That just does not fly for many people.  For those who that works for....FANTASTIC!  To each his own!

Smart Recovery provides tools and exercises to strengthen ones belief in their abilities to make good choices and be accountable to their self.  Theres powerful exercises that help people dissect their thoughts, feelings and behaviors...so that the individual discovers what is rational and what is not.  

All this is not done alone.  Although there is no "sponsor" program, people bond and create relationships by sharing of themselves on the various forums where theres an abundance feedback, suggestions, ideas and support from people all over the world who have either been there, done that, or at a similar state of change on their own journey to wellness.  

Smart Recovery rocks!  Here's there website should anyone choose to explore!
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I just saw Smart a few days ago. I think I'll join!  Thanks. Pamela
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I love the approach...maybe I'll see you on the boards!  I post fairly regularly in the 6 month thread.  :-)
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I think 12 steps is great its not
About the drug problem, it starts fr
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I think 12 steps is great its not
About the drug problem, it starts from the
Root of the problem, and change yourself, find your inner strenght and inner child, believe in Hope , faith and a higher power, smart recovery about changing your way of thinking which is 80-90% of the problem for
Recovering addict, depends on each character and
Stages of recovery, notthing changes
If notthing
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Theres also relapse prevention theraphy which im currently which works the same areas of re
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Is it free to join and use?  I can't really tell from the www...can you succeed without buying anything?

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I checked it out but had a hard time getting to anything useful without paying for a subscription.  Maybe I didn't know where to look....but maybe you could advise.  thanks
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