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I have had fibromyalgia for over 10 years now.  I am on tramadol  for pain and would love to get off of it.  Can anyone tell me how I can do that without withdraw being so bad.
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Hi Drewson,

It doesn't look like anyone answered you and I'm probably not the best person to do so.....but here goes.  I to am on pain meds for fibro.  I need to get off them also.  I have never taken tramadol but am on Percs.  They kindof make you life meaningless.  I have NO patience for anything and really don't like myself anymore.  I used to.  Anyway I think you might get more answers on the Addiction forum.  It seems to be more active.  I don't know why there are two.
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On Trams here too. Ive switched one for another. Been off Tram since last Tuesday bc I've started taking Hydros.  Just bc I am more afraid of Tram WD than Hydrocodone WD.  I get the zaps (body convulsions) when I try to break off of Trams. And I've had a seizure bc of Tramadol once. I only have 4 hydros left to fall off the cliff finally and force myself to break off.   I can stand only taking 1 pill every 6 to 8 hrs now.  Hope this works. Praying you find what works for you too. Try not to do it alone. It's harder that way. Talk to a dr. Be strong.  I broke off of heroin when I was 18 yo (36yo now) by myself at home and it was hell. you'd think I had learned my lesson back then.......
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I wouldn't do this alone unless you absolutely feel you have to. Withdrawl can be a horrid thing to go through even with family around you. doctors have meds to help people through withdrawl now so I would definitely see them. However,  if you continue yourself I would take your meds every second day for a few days then increase the gap to 3 days etc.
I stopped my antidepressants suddenly and had horrid withdrawl, light headed,  itchy and nauseous, it lasted for 2wks.  I have fibromyalgia osteoarthritis and dysplastic hips which I take morphine daily for and I would love to come off that too. Good luck!
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