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Help with lyrica withdrawal symptoms ??

I have a question regarding lyrica withdrawal symptoms ................ I am currently suffering with this and am on day 38 with no end in sight from these godawful symptoms ............... in fact,  it has gotten worse in the last 48 hrs,  which is so depressing,  as I thought I would improve as I distanced myself from the drug ...    I was only on a very low dose and for a short period of time,  but my body has become dependant on other meds in the past in the same way,  so I am not surprised that it happened,  but I am surprised by the severity and length of suffering  .............  If it doesn't improve,  I won't be able to go to work any longer,  which terrifies me  ........  is there anyone out there with suggestions regarding things I can do to lessen the severity of these wds?  I have an appt to see my doctor on Wednesday,  but I am really afraid of not making it through this..................  is there anything she can do ?    Will I be like this forever  ???

Thanks so much ...
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Hi so sorry that you aren't feeling well. How long were you on it and at what dose. What type of symptoms are your experiencing ?
The withdrawl can last awhile.
hi everyone. my doctor put me on lyrica in september 2014 after i jarred my back in a quading accident. i had never heard of it before and thought ok cause my back hurt. it wasnt working so my GP slowly increased the dose. i am a red head and it takes more medicine to work on my system. so eventually he got me up 600 mg a day over 3 month. in february of 2015 i ended up in the hospital with sever vomiting and stomach pain. they tried Zofran and Maxoran in the ER and nothing was working. eventually they had to add in morophine and eventually my stomach stopped spazzing. they thought i had the Noro Virus so they put me in quarantine for 3 days. once the vomiting was better they sent me home. yet my life cam crashing down around me. multiple visits to the ER and doctors telling me nothing is wrong, i never was sick before and now imagine your life like this.....you have kids, run a childcare business out of my home and everything became so over whelming. imagine having the stomach flu 24/7 and wanting to throw up. so tired all the time. cant eat. Doctor says lets to an MRI, CT scan, test after test and nothing comes up....depression sets in that your life will always be like this now and no one cares or can help......then i hear about how bad Lyrica is and all the side effects and horrible symptoms that come along with it. people going months into withdrawls and feel like they are detoxing from heroin.....i am now down to 75 mg twice daily and next week will be once daily. the man i see for my back now who is a medication specialist said my GP was bringing me down way to fast and i could have seizsure so he slowed my detoxic down. i just recently had a scope thinking OMG he will find something...how can i be this nauseated all the time..... guess what? he said nothing was wrong with my stomach or esophagus. he even said get off the lyrica.....i hope to god when im off it completly in a couple of weeks that my stomach upset will go away and i can get back to the real me and keep working on my back injury without lyrica.......i am here to tell you....STAY AWAY FROM LYRICA!!! im sharing this story to help anyone who is thinking of increasing your doses or thinking of taking it. to many side effects. my sever effect is puking....stay safe my friends and do your research. its not worth the ordeal or losing your life over..xxxxooo
My pain doc gave it to me and I took it for a few months; until I read that it was addictive, at which time I quit. Yes, it sucked even after short term use. Now I'm in w/d from the pain meds I'm quitting. Misery!!!
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Thanks for your reply  ................  I took 50-75 mgs twice a day for just under two weeks  ............  I know it doesn't sound like much.   I am having horrible headaches and nausea,  weakness, sweating,  irritability and mad depression.   And it came on me like a light switch had been flipped.   I have a history of lumbar spinal fusion surgery,  which has left me with chronic sacroiliac pain,  for which I take hydrocodone as directed by my doctors, and that is all I take for it,  except for some motrin and occasional extra tylenol.   My doctor as suggesting neurontin or lyrica,  so I tried it for a shirt while but it did not make any difference in my pain,  plus it made me feel spacy and sleepy all the time.   So I stopped taking it,  and now all this.    I am so miserable,  I actually felt better last week than I do now.    

I have bene through other types of withdrawals in the past,  when I TrIed to stop taking the hydrocodone purely for health reasons .  I just didn't want to be on all these meds............ but now I Feel like I am trapped.  

My situation is complicated by the fact that I have no health insurance, therefore everything I do has to be paid in cash,  so my options are very limited.     Do you know of any things I could try to make this process less severe ?    I am so angry,  that this has happened to me.   I have been researching a bit,  and it is a very nasty drug.    

Thanks again ..........
I am very sorry to read this from you. Here's food for thought, take or leave it. A natural pain reducer is Arnica.   There are also natural medications called Homeopathic.    Go to a GNC, or a health food store that also sells natural supplements. Most employees should be able to suggest natural supplements to help with nausea and other needs. hjm,Please research any med,natural or man made before using. Dr. can answer some questions, but look it up anyway. Make the choice yours. Be an advocate for yourself. Though at times even if side effects with a particular drug, you may need the meds. meaning more than refusing because side effects.
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just two weeks? that's good. are you sure you aren't having w/d from the hydros also? how much hydro do you take? have you changed your dosage of it lately?
treat your symptoms. make sure you stay hydrated and are getting enough nourishment. immodium helps with withdrawal symptoms. hot Epsom salt baths helps force magnesium into your muscles. the weakness is probably from being dehydrated and not eating enough.
keep pushing forward.
keep the faith,
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Thank you Debbie,   I don't know where I'd be without faith   ........ but I am robbed of myself.    So even the usual things that make me feel better and safe aren't there for me now ........... I just can't access them,  my mind is so smushed up.    It is important to note that I also stopped taking cymbalta around the same time  ..........  I had some celexa around, so I took those for about 5-6 days after my last cymbalta dose,  then I have just been without antidepressants also.   I know they were not helping me,  especially with my pain,  so I stopped them,  with the celexa 'taper'     .............    these drugs really hijack the brain.    And I want mine back.      I believe I could be having wd symptoms from both drugs simultaneously.    I take 30 mg hydrocodone daily,  on a schedule,  so I don't think I am having hydro wds.  I have been through that before,  and I don't think that is what this is at all  ..............  this is much worse.      The longevity of it is horrifying .............  I Felt better 2 weeks ago than I Do now.         Thank you for your input,  I have been drinking lots of water,  seems like I am kinda craving it,  so that can't be hurting anything.  

Many Blessings to you,

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oh Cat, I would be more prone to believe that the w/d's are from the Cymbalta instead of the lyrica. did you taper the Cymbalta?
is it possible for you to exercise to increase endorphin production?
have you been on AD meds for awhile? you brain needs to start producing serotonin, dopamine and endrophins again on its own. exercise helps with this.
have you been working through the w/d's?  it is best to keep yourself busy and to get out of the house.
have you tried any natural remedy's for depression?
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14-18 days you'll see improvement 60 days you'll be your old self again. Those hydros though highly addictive I was taken 15-18 of those a day for a 1 1/2 half and the withdrawls from that sucked this is a little worse but it's because your withdrawing from more than one drug!
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I'm in the same situation, I was only on for two weeks, those two weeks were brutal, now I've been in a withdrawal for almost 30 days, I have allergies to all drugs, but usually it only takes 2 to 3 days, what the heck is going on, someone just ease my mind, I'm going crazy, please someone post and tell me it goes away! I increased my B12, and taking magnesium, I'm drinking water, although sometimes I sleep too much from the withdrawal I can't even get out of bed, so I have to force myself to drink the water, I want one of those things from the hospital, to come to my house and just hydrate me constantly! Please someone tell me this will end! Thank you I am fighting, I've been fighting for years and I refuse to let lyrica take me down! Tell me it ends give me any tips! Thank you
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Thank you all for your replies ..............  it helps to know we are not alone.    I went to my doctor on Wednesday,  and she thinks my symptoms at this stage of the game  ( 43 days now)  are more from the cymbalta than the lyrica,  but they are very similar, almost identical,  and are the most painful withdrawal situation I have ever been in.   IT is lke being in opiate and benzo withdrawal at the same time,   I have thought that I was going to die.

Anyway,  I am feeling better today thank goodness.    Unfortunately,  I have had to go back on my cymbalta, a lower dose,  and am going to taper slowly from that.    But I was starting to feel a bit better on my own anyway, which was wonderful.  I will definitely take thish slowly, and hope I don't end up in this situation again.    I will NEVER EVER EVER NEVER take a lyrica again in my life.    It is dangerous,  as is cymbalta and many other antidepressant and neurological drugs,  and doctors are not telling this to their patients at all.   I am a healthcare professional myself,  but I did not relate that the cymbalta was an ad,  as I was given it for pain, not antidepressant.   I should have figured that out and tapered,  but the lyrica was the thing that really kicked in fast and made me so aggressively sick.    I feel like my lyrica symptoms are at or near their end,  and I am so sorry to hear Indiedawn, that you are feeling that badly.   I get it totally.   I DO believe you will get better,  so try not to get even more depressed over that.   IT is terrible though,  that you will feel a little better one day,  then back to crappy the next day,  like you have made no progress.    To me,  that is the cruelest part of all this ..............  I have been helped by so many kind people ,  and I have learned that it can take quite a long time to recover.    Ask your doctor if you should take a low dose of lyrica again,  then taper down slowly with that ?    Does anybody out there think that is a good idea?

Thank you Beach,  for being here for me.............  I was only on cymbalta for about 4 months.  And the lyrica for about 2 weeks.    I am taking my hydro as scheduled, and know I am not withdrawing from that.   I have tried living without that,  but my sacroilitis is severs,  and I couldn't walk much without it.   I did detox from it,    but eventually went back to it because nothing I took or did helped with my pain, I was so miserable.    The cymbalta was added for extra 'pain' relief.  What a sham.  It did NOT work for pain,  and now I am bettling withdrawals from it.   I DId stop cold turkey though,  which is bad, but I ran out of it,  and was planning to stop anyway as it was doing no good.  

These drugs are so dangerous to us,  we should be better warned about them I think.    You can write me anytime Indie,  I understand how you feel, and it is horrifying.    But you will be better.   Please drink the water, and talk to your doc about a lyrica taper .............

Many Blessings,

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you are welcome cat.  I thought it was the Cymbalta causing the symptoms. you started the Cymbalta again?
how are you feeling now?
you are going to taper this time?
how long of a taper did you doctor give you?
keep the faith.......
I hope and pray you are feeling better.
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It's ridiculous we are all counting days I'm so tired of it my body just feels torn to shreds! I am at day 34,

Does anyone have jerking motions? I'm curious to know because I think I also have dyskinesia I have gotten it from three other drugs and the more I read about it the more you are exposed to drugs that give you dyskinesia the more it stays in your body I am afraid it's sticking in my body and I may have to see a neurologist, I'm so tired, and I'm all alone, my house was on the market to move back to where all my friends are, but now we have to start everything my health comes first, so even that has added more stress. The worst for all of my conditions.

But I'm going to fight my love to everybody, my brother works for pharmaceutical Company, he doesn't even understand what I'm going through, and thinks I'm like a drug addict. I'm just so furious. But I can't spend time on that, too much negativity. I have enough toxicity in my body, so just trying to stay calm. Getting lots of water vitamins and rest

Bless you all! We will all come out of this and for some reason we will be better people, not that I was ever a bad person, but has more compassion will come out from this.

Excuse any typos as this comes from a dragon
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I'm only on day 3.. knowing you all are already in the double digits is scary because I thought this could only last a week or so.. so much for being naïve.. I don't ever want back on lyrica but I don't know at what point I might need to get help from the hospital with my w/d as far as hydration and eating goes I haven't kept any food or water down and like I said I'm on day 3.. any advise will help!
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That Lyrica is nasty nasty stuff. They put  my mom on it and within days she was groggy talked like her mouth was full of marbles you couldn't understand her we thought she had a stroke! The doctors even diagnosed her as a mini-stroke and because of that they removed her from all her medication during tests and she was fine they slowly started her again and BAM as soon as the lyrica hit she was horrible again this time she could never stay awake and she called me (living 40 minutes away) saying there was people in her house saying they killed my son and she was locked up in the bathroom with a loaded gun so they couldn't kill her. Needless to say the Lyrica got flushed and she went through a month - 6 weeks to get it mostly out of her system shes still tired, groggy, sometimes talks where you can't understand her. Keep the faith and take back your life!!
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My son was on a max dose of 450mg lyrica/day for less than 2 months for anxiety.  In early March, we began what we thought was a slow taper off Lyrica, way slower than was even recommended by the manufacturer or his doctor.  By May 12, he was off completely - so that's like a 10-week taper.  Not only was the taper process full of withdrawal symptoms such as extreme dizziness, nausea, and depression, the past 6.5 weeks since his last dose have been horrible.  He has had itchiness, nightmares, dizziness, deep depression, anger, anxiety and panic attacks, nervousness, burning sensations on his skin, nausea, bowel issues.  He has had insomnia and a general inability to relax.  However, as someone said before, the cruelest thing is that you think you are getting better for a day or two and then it all comes crashing back.

We are hoping for this to end soon.  I know some people get no WD symptoms at all, while others suffer for weeks.  I wonder what it is in a person's chemistry that makes some suffer so while others can simply stop the drug.  Oh, and our doc told us there would be no WD from this drug and that it was safer than Xanenx.  This has been a nightmare.

After researching this these past couple months, my conclusions are these: In some people, Lyrica causes some extremely horrific withdrawal symptoms while others have no WD.  In these people, it does not seem to matter how long you were on the drug or what your dose was.  Also, it does not seem to matter how slowly you taper.  Some people seem to think a slow taper is the answer and if you have issues, you clearly didn't taper slowly enough. Also, the issue does not seem to be getting the drug out of your body necessarily.  What seems to be the issue is rebalancing your body after Lyrica has been dampening your nervous system.  For some people, this can take several months obviously.  

Best of luck to all who are suffering.  I would never recommend this drug as this withdrawal is way worse than the symptoms for which it was originally prescribed.
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Don't be worried - everyone is different.  Some people only suffer for a week or two - that could be you, so stay positive!! I hope you are beginning to improve by now.

My son used Dramamine and finally got a prescription for Zofran for the nausea to take as needed.  Also, he drank a lot of ginger tea and drank ginger ale. The nausea kept him from wanting to eat, but he was able to keep food down when he did eat.  The nausea is not quite as bad at 6 weeks out, but it is still there. Also, try some electrolyte enhanced water to keep things in balance. This is unbelievable, isn't it?
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My dr put me on Lyrica for nerve pain on top of using Fentynl patches. I had a stroke or stroke like symptoms from the Lyrica. My brain was fuzzy for months after quitting the Lyrica c/t. It has been a horrible road and I know what you are going through. I am now trying to tapper off the fentynl patches. Have withdrawl symptoms all the time. Irritable, awful depression, sweats, anorexia, fom insomnia to sleeping too much. These are horrible drugs and I do not know why the dr does not tell you what will happen when you try to stop the medications. I suffer from neurological pain almost consently but not sure what is worse, the pain or what the meds have done to me. I want my brain and life back. Hope you are doing better and hang in there. We are all in this horrible boat together.
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I too am about to go through another (3rd time) Lyrica withdrawal, I have dedicated a Youtube channel so people can understand how bad this drug is.
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help please!!!!!
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I am a 40 yr old who has been on lyrica for 4 years now. I was in a car accident and due to nerve damage along my spine was put on Lyrica after surgery. I have tried to come off of it before but after day 5 i felt like i was in hell I could not stand anything touching me not even clothes i felt like I was on fire so i caved in and starting taking it again I could not stand the pain any longer.
I have memory loss, live in a fog, gained alot of weight, sleep walk. I can't think clear there are times I have speech issues like I can't say what I'm trying to and have to stop slow down and try again. Due to new health issues I have chose to come off lyrica because I can't tell where I am hurting and by all rights should be able to because of physical symptoms. My Dr. has told me that I will never be able to come off this crap, but one way or the other I am going to do this. Today is day one with no lyrica and I can already feel the burning starting and i want to cry and scream. I do not have any support and no one will listen to me about whats going on with lyrica. I just want to feel normal again and function normal before lyrica. I feel like I am going insane at times. I am so tired of feeling this way.  Can anyone help? Please!!
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I want us to get the story out on this over-rated and over-marketed dangerous drug. It's insane what this pharmaceutical company is getting away with.  I sent you a message Lorrie. I am not a doctor but do have a lot (way too much) personal experience with this crap.
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I messaged you back.. thank you
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OMG!  Are you kidding me?? I had NO idea that LYRICA was addictive! No wonder my recent self-detox from MS contin and Percoset has been especially hard! NOW I have to detox this stuff, too? GGGrrrrrrr...I am SO pissed  off w/ this [email protected]##$ pain clinic I've been going to for 3 yrs. now since I broke my hip! Crap!!! This means my days in h3ll are not over?
These clinics just get you strung out on everything! I do not want to go back!! I am too old for this crap! But NOW I will be seriously careful about anything else I take. I'd rather have my pain than all the side effects from drugs!
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When you have problems withdrawing from Lyrica it's very important to do a very slow taper. Reducing your dose by 10% every month works for most people. And when there comes a month withdrawal symptoms still break through, just increase the dose by 10% back again and you should be fine.
When you feel you are still going too fast you can stay at a certain dose for a month longer, it will only take some more time till you are there.

Do the water titration method, and it goes like this:
Get yourself some 100 ml jars and some syringes to do the job.
For instance: empty your capsule into a 100 ml jar filled with water and shake it well. The first month you suck 10 ml of the solution out of it, the 2nd. mont 20 ml, and so on.
At he end it still can be rough, and when you feel so, just slow your taper to 5% (5 ml) a month.

This taper will last about a year, but it will prevent you from going through hell.
Lyrica withdrawal can be just as bad (or even worse) as benzo withdrawal, so take it slow and take your time.

Good luck!
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I never knew "Lyrica" was addictive until I researched it online. My doctor gave me no clue, either! Therefore, I am extremely pissed off about it since I've been on it, 75-150mg/2x day, for at least 3 years! Along with it, for my chronic pain from a broken hip, a shoulder replacement, a bad wrist re-repair....etc., they've had me on MS Contin 30mg. 2x/day annnnnnd Percocet 10/325 or Norco 10/325 4x/day for break through pain. It has all killed my appetite and being 5'4" 96 lbs., that's not good! So, I have  taken it upon myself to "detox" as much as possible. I THOUGHT I'd weaned down and off the MS Contin and very little Percocet, but I was still taking the [email protected]@#$$ Lyrica! No wonder it was an easy detox!! The Lyrica was keeping me addicted! Now, I've had to go back to the Percocet so I could wean off the Lyrica! Even though I'm taking 3-4 Percocet/day, I am still having the sweaty hands & feet, no appetite, and if I cut the Percs in half, the withdrawals come on in 2-3 hrs! I still have  a long way to go, and I am working w/ my doc. Now I'm afraid to take much Flexiril!! IT could be addictive, too! It doesn't help that I am ADHD/Dyslexic which makes me super sensitive to how my body & brain feel. GGGGggggrrrrrrrr !!!!
    NO LYRICA!!! IT IS H3LL !!!!
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Thanx, but I am totally off the Lyrica for about 3 weeks now, even though I'm still having w/d symptoms, they are manageable; ie sweaty hands & feet! I just had to do it one at a time; first get off Lyrica, then TRY to taper the Percocet. I have Klonipin to help, but only sparingly ! Trazadone, also helps and my Doc gave me some Ambien for sleep.
LOL can't say much for my pain, though...oooowwwwwww!!!! Everything has it's price.  ;-)
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