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Hi everyone hope you can help me

Hi can anyone pls help I have been taking cocaine for over 20 years, I stopped last year as I had a really bad panic attack , then lastweek I had a night out and ended up taking some and I can see a difference in my nose, also my cheek and ear feels funny , I have a dint in my check also my bite has changed my teeth feel like there falling out like getting pushed down, i don’t think I have a hole up my nose but it’s more my cheek by my ear that feels funny , hope someone understands me I’m so scared incase my nose caves , will it keep changing or will it collapse slowly , so sorry to be asking such a stupid question but I’m not in a good place because of this I keep looking in the mirror for changes
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No one can answer this question for you here.
It is best for you to see an ent - ears,nose and throat specialist.
Be totally honest with them for the best chances of healing and recovery.
Definitely don't snort anymore coke.
Have you ever attended a support or recovery group?
Had counseling?
Let us know how you are doing.
Hi thanks for this no not yet but will do I’m going to book for ent tomorrow thank you
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