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On day 3 of CT hydro withdrawal..can i actually do this?

I cant even count how many times ive been through withdrawal and never made it past day 3. Ive made a commitment this time im gonna do it but my mind keeps telling me i cant. Ive been on these things for 6 years..at my peak taking 10 to 15 7.5s a day and i was never prescribed them. I guess the thing i hate the worse is feeling like i have concrete and hands and feet. I feel bad for my husband because i cant get up and do anything. As stupid as it sounds...can i do this? Or is this my life now?
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Congratulations! How are you feeling now?  Yes staying clean is where the rubber meets the road. Have you ever attended substance abuse support groups? NA, AA, celebrate recovery? Seen a counselor?
I am now on day 8....sleep is still non-existent and i find my cravings are worse now...maybe im just a big baby but i just break into tears because i just want 1...just 1. My husband has been extremely supportive and right now the only thing that is keeping me going is my daughters wedding this year...i want to help financially and i know i cant do that taking these evil things. I am just absolutely terrified i will relapse....
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Day 9....when will i stop thinking bout em every 5 min?
Keep the faith. Get some support. Get to counseling. Go to meetings, church. The cravings will decease. Keep yourself busy. Exercise, get yourself a new hobby. Keep on keepin on. Make sure you rid your house of all pills. Delete the numbers of the people you got pills from. Listen to music.
Are you eatng, staying hydrated. Taking vitamins. Drink protein shakes.
How are you feeling?
Crying is very common. The opiates make you void of emotions. So when stopping them all feelings come back. That my friend is a good thing.
Keep up the good work. You are doing awesome. Sending support, enxoueagment, healing and prayers.
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