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Opana/Oxymorphone detox help in upstate SC

I have been searching for help stopping opana use I started seeing a pain management Dr since moving from the North East to Oconee county SC I have full insurance I am on SSDI but since moving here I have found the state is the worse when seeking help it's anti class 2 on everything including the medication I need for my main disability that med has never been a issue but since finding out my back pain is due to sciatica I started back up on oxymorphone/opana now my insurance took it off the list of covered meds and I was switched to oxycodone but I still had withdrawals from the opana I had saved up a surplus of them because of issues finding Dr's here I have about a week left. Any attempt to stop has been invain the only place I found to medically detox is over a hour away, the reason I feel I need a controlled detox is of underlying health issues I have very high BP without meds its 220/99 or higher and a resting pulse above 120 except when on the opana its normal then, I fear I may stroke or go into cardiac arrest if not monitored my new PCP won't help he refuses to refer me to another pain Dr that will do a pretty authorization for the opana and the pain Dr just does not care his staff I found was forging my vitals they rarely take but always put a normal reading on my chart, I should have run when I saw a issue with this Dr now u am in a real bind I had the paramedics here for the first time in my life because my heart started to beat irregular and my pulse was 135 sitting, I can answer questions to my post it is way more complicated than it should be I am not a hypocindriac my fear is valid based on symptoms I have had trying to quit on my own, the local hospital says they don't have a detox and can't help with this issue they even refused service when I first moved here they told me they don't treat chronic conditions so I wound up taking the first pain Dr I could find that did not require a referral! It took over a year just to find a PCP that didn't reject my application (yes all the drs I went to had applications) does anyone live or ever live in the upstate South Carolina (Oconee County) that had a similar issue? The medic told me to goto the methadone clinic but I don't want to replace the issue with another, I have been reading the posts here and have found good advice I wish I could just move back to were I was and get help there but that's not a option, sorry for the erratic wording I am just in a real bind now that I am running out before I found somewere to get help .
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Just to add the symptoms during previous attempts to quit the medication profuse sweating, extremely sensitive hearing (to the point of a normal voice making me feel like a injured animal being poked), breathing difficulty, double vision, palpitations, odd mild  pain alternating in lower arms, vomiting, severe diarrhea, numbness tingling in finger tips, I was fairly athletic growing up but since going on disability my activities have dropped to a uncomfortable level  (I am not overweight 195 lbs) just badly out of shape I can't walk a block without turning around, back in 2005 I rode a mountain bike through 2 national forests from Portland Oregon to Medford Oregon took about a month with the 2-3 day camping stops to replenish supplies, so I basic lyrics went downhill  I suffer from PTSD, Social Anxiety disorder, ADHD, issues I ignored most of my life until my back issues started to hold me back I then applied for disability at the age of 42-43 I was told to do so 2 decades ago but was to stubborn to give up (how I saw it) now I have this demon on my back it has proven to be much stronger than me if it was prior to my decline in health I could have beaten it with a long bike ride after a 3 day Amtrack ride to the west coast. Again sorry for the erratic post I get worked up easy when I for go my primary medications one being Clonazepam I still have some from a 2 year old script they have never been a issue since I didn't take them as prescribed due to them slowing me down I took half the prescribed dose for the 4 years I was able to get treatment up north so I have/had a surplus when I moved to SC, but this opiate is a monster that I again can't get help for since nobody close to me in this state takes both my primary and secondary insurance and the surrounding states don't honor SC's Medicaid like up north I could use my prior home states insurance elseware, I would pay the 20% not covered by Medicaid but I just sold or traded almost every thing I own and drained my bank account to get a new vehicle that still has a added cost I am bound to for 6 months, to make matters worse my wife became disabled 2 years after me when she lost her sight to pseudotumor cerebri so I am the sole means of transportation, I really want to move to  another state ASAP I hope you can see why I seem so desperate, I would rather live with the pain and move a lot slower than have this gorilla on my back, I can't afford for this stuff to set me back any further. So anyone familiar with the part of SC I am stuck in I could really use some advice I have no idea were to turn?
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Hello and Welcome to the Pain Management Forum,

I apologize for being tardy in my response. I hear the desperation in your words. My heart goes out to you. Chronic Pain stinks at best and having to take opiates to function stinks even worse. I get it. I am so sorry.

I am not familiar with SC. I do know that in most states it's a nightmare to obtain adequate pain control with opiates.

Insurance acceptance!! Don't get me started. Medicare and Medicaid patients are at the mercy of the accountants in medical clinics. Many physician's look at the bottom line today. It doesn't matter if you are disabled or retired after contributing to society for years, you simply don't count anymore because you are a dollar sign. Thar said there are still physicians that do care and will treat all. They can be difficult to find.

I am hoping one of our members has more knowledge that I do on your new state. I'll see if I can find a member from your state.

The only recommendation I have is to monitor your VS closely as detox. If you present to an ER in a crisis they must treat you until you are stabilized. If that means they keep you over night or discharge ou as soon as they feel you are stabilize it's better than nothing. Then you go home and monitor yourself again and return to ER if your symptoms worsen. If you must call an ambulance, do so. That obviously doesn't get you into a treatment center for detox but it does get your physical symptoms treated.

Remember the medical profession will probably not treat you for something that could happen but must treat you when something does happen. I know that puts you in a very precarious medical situation,

Did I miss something? Do you have documentation on what happens to you when you have attempted to detox? If you do that will be helpful. If not than obtain those records.

I'll do some research of your state to see if I can find better answers for you. This should happen to no one.

Again I'm so sorry. You may also want to post in our Addiction Forum. Not because I believe you are an addict but because your body is dependent upon an opiate. Our body cannot determine to difference between dependance and addiction.  The Addition Forum is much more familiar with detox and how to get it, etc than I.

Here's the link:

Please keep us posted. I'll see what I can find out.

Best of Luck,
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I live in Greenville, SC and see Dr. Robert LaBlond who is with Upstate Rehabilitation Center.  They are connected with Greenville Hospital Health System.  By far he is the best doctor I have seen. I wish you luck.
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Must get an RX for clondine anytime u try to detox. It is the go to drug for withdrawal and really works well on most people
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