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Why is it so hard to get treatment in an epidemic

In my medium sized  community  there have been  seven  heroin  deaths  in the last month.  

You would think that with that being the case there would be  a central hot lines with information about waiting lists  and current contact numbers for the few facilities in our state.

My daughter who finally came clean  after years of Heroin and other  Drugs and is willing to  go to treatment has been given a stack of drugs  to help wean herself but we can't  find  a rehab for her to go because she is on medicaid.   She is starting a 7 day detox on  Monday  which  will be  a week and a half since she used.

I am just so frustrated.   She has almost lost  the willingness  to try and I am but far from that myself.
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My son is a heroin addict and volintarily went into a inpatient facility. His insurance decided that he did not need inhab rehabilitation after 4 days. He was using $100 a day.. Before heroin he was using oxicodine for 2+ years. I just don't understand what the insurance industry is doing! I paid with my credit card for one more week. He said he is not ready to come home. What to do?
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