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treatment centers

whats the best way for a person that is unemployed or just cant afford to get into a treatment center for drug addiction
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hi your best bet is to detox at home then the salvation army runs a free rehab but you got to be clean to get in what are you taking and how much we do home detoxes all the time??
let me know I will watch for your post.......Gnarly
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I have found a medical detox facility that will med detox people that have no insurance it is for up to 21 days.....I don't know all the details as I have not been there yet....I am going into it after I take 20 mgs for a week ( methadone) I have been on it for 7 yrs and before that it was oxycontin so I know all to well what the hell of detox is like and I know I need counseling b/c I have been on drugs for so long I don't even know what "sober" is much less how to live sober....send me a private message and I will give you the details about the place I have found.....wouldn't it be weird if you are where I am....."things" happen the way they are meant to soooo you never know..they may have places other places to...waiting to hear from you
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