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Began Methadone for my addiction to Opiates

Can someone answer this IF in fact they have gone through this??? I started going to a Methadone Clinic 99 days ago I started off like they all do there at 25 mg. I am and have been at 40 mg for 65 days. I just found out that I am NOW addicted to METHADONE? I can't just go down in my mg's by 5 mg a week as i was informed the w/d's will be worse than when i went cold turkey for 18 days in 2010 and tried to kill myself due to the severity of it....So I contacted a doctor I once was a patient for 8 years and HE does not believe in prescribing Pain meds he just dealt with my anxiety, stomach disorders, sinus infections, he basically was my family physician...I called them today and they said He does prescribe Suboxone BUT...BUT, I would have to go through "some" w/d's because He will NOT prescribe Suboxone the first day of my appt which is TOMORROW 7/28/2011 at 2:30. I do not understand? IF METHADONE IS no different than say A Roxy 30 mg then WHY should I endure w/d's if what I am trying to do is avoid that in the first place therefore my attending the Methadone clinic 99 days ago??? I went in 2 days with no pain meds and I was given a dose of 15 mg after my intake which took 2 hours, left to go get my blood work came back and was given my second dose of 15mg =25mg that I stayed on for one week then they bumped me up 5mg more then 2 weeks later I was bumped up again another 5 mg till I finally got to 40mg where I have STAYED till now. Is it due to the fact Ive been going to a clinic and that is why I have to "Endure" W/D's?? OR should I just call in the morning before going there at 2:30 and ask if I misunderstood? any help appreciated!!!!!!!!!
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