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Livin life!!

Haven't been here in a while but just wanted to hey to all!! Still in drug court but going 32 months clean and sober ... It is possible :)
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I am new to the group & was just wondering if you mind telling me what you were addicted to? I see that you are 38 yrs old and I am 41 so was hoping maybe we could relate to eachother. It's so awesome to see you are 32 plus mos. sober. At this point, I couldn't even imagine that for myself as I can never seem to get past 4 to 5 days. Which by the way, I am severely addicted to opiates (pills.) And well on my way to other things I never dreamed I would try. This is a nightmare & I feel like it has just destroyed my life & robbed me of practically everything! Sad to say...Im constantly chasing prescription drugs & terrified of running out. It's a vicious cycle & I just feel like Im in a deep darkness when it all started out so euphoric and harmless that I actually made myself believe it was a good thing in my life. Meaning I felt so happy, energetic, productive, etc that I thought it was helping me with raising my children & managing a single mother life.....can't believe I had such distorted thinking & rationalized what I was doing was healthy. Anyway, congratulations...any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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