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Stay on Methadone or not?

Was diagnosed with Arnold chiari"spinal malformation"and Fibro about 11 yrs ago.First 3 yrs was basically tried all sorts of treatment.a bunch of anti depressants,Lyrica,Savella,Cymbalta,tramadol...etc..Nothing worked was basically restricted to the couch.My wife ended up leaving because I was a mess!Then 1 day my Dr. Decided to put me on Oxycontin.It worked well,but I started liking it to much,if u know what I mean.I asked my Dr.to switch me to something else so we tried Methadone.I have been taking 60ml for the intire time never going up.During this time I have gotten a great job and lead a lot better life.So the other day my Dr. Starts talking about regulations etc..and now wants me to stop taking the Methadone within next 60 days.I'm very confused...don't like having to be tethered to a pill ,but what will my life go back to now...couch ridin...well actually on the street as I won't be able to keep my job and have no Family.I so confused and scared as to what I'm going to do.I also would like to add,I have never abused my medicine or given my Dr. Any issues what so ever.....seems like he is scared to give ppl meds anymore or something.Just all of a sudden.    P.s.  should I start taking vitamins now to get ready for my ordeal?
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Hi there,
I just read your post and I am so sorry to hear that the Dr. is treating you like this.. 60 days to get off 60mg of methadone?? So So unfair, so not RIGHT!!!
At best he could have at least started you on a taper Phase because if you just STOP  you will experience withdrawals just as, if not worse than if You had been taking Oycontins 60mg!!! My God what is wrong with our medical society and the reliability of them?? The trust you place in  them just to be kicked to the curb I just don't understand??
Have you checked around your area for methadone Clinics? If not then start NOW and get in and established and make sure you research all of them..there are some that are not reputable and will treat you like crap!! make sure you get your medical records to show them what type of patient you were so they can see you were taking it for pain and the doctor is the one that has decided for what ever reason, to stop prescribing them...it shows the clinic you are a resposible person???
There is someone on here I would like you to email, his screen name is "Gnarly_1"  he may be able to offer you some solutions he is very very helpfull...

I have been going to a Methadone treatment clinic for 6 months now but mine was for abusing pain meds and was just tired of being an addict. Methadone has SAVED my life! I am able to be a mom again, a wife, I'm happy ...basically Im back to the person I was before I became addicted to Oxycontins, or for that matter any pain med??
But I will be forever grateful I went to my local clinic and I never allowed myself to go higher than 40mg ...I am currently on the detox phase MY CHOICE as i stated I only wanted something to help me thru the w/d symptoms...
Please keep posting and PLEASE contact Gnarly_1 !!

Take care Good luck and God Bless...
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I don't know what is wrong with Drs., to give us something and then can't help us get off of them.

I was taking methodone also, my Drs. just said they wouldn't give me any more.  It was difficult, I can't remember what I was taking now, but I was down to a very small dose but I just couldn't do it, especially with all my new health issues.

I checked myself into detox and stayed for 30 days.  I finally realized what an evil drug it is.  It takes like 18 mo to detox from it.  But I was lucky to have some insurance but it still cost me a lot out of pocket.  I am ot near a methodone clinic or I would have done that.

I really feel for both of you...its not easy to get off of methodone.

take care and get some help..


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