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When do you get energy back?

Hey everyone.  I'm new to this site but definately not new to addiction or withdrawal.  It can be so frustrating.  I just want to feel "normal".  Having energy is my biggest issue.  I've never been an idle person so when I discovered the energy that painkillers gave me, I was in heaven!  Of course it kept taking higher doses to get me where I like to be.  Eventually it didn't seem to matter how many I took or I couldn't afford to get where I needed to be.  I actually haven't taken any narcotics in about a month, but I've been taking an herbal supplement that has an "opiate" effect.  I thought I struck gold with this miracle herb because I had no withdrawal from the opiates at all.  Plus it gave me energy!  The problem with this stuff is the same.  I find myself having to take more and if I run out, I go right into withdrawal.  It also seems to make me quite grumpy.  Maybe that's something else though.  i.e., no opiates, menopause, depression, life.  Who knows?  Anyone have any suggestions for energy and the major grumpy's?
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