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what's thE point???

I just would like to get some feedback and other peoples perspective on Rehab's or just people in general I guess that are tring to detox or kick one substance like heroin so they start taking methadone an then there hooked on that an then from that they go to something else WHAT'S THE. POINT. If your going to kick kick don't swap one for another .I have always just went cold turkey my wife is kicking pills right now she went to a short course rehab and came out taking more meds then she went in taking I just don't get . Please explain!!!!
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Well I too am a recovering Addict....I was HOOKED on Oxy's Roxy's & Percs every single day for close to 3 years.
I DID try to Kick it Cold turkey so many time that each time I failed my usage INCREASED....
YES I do have a friend of 30+ years...Addicted to EVERYTHING but the worst was ROXY'S he was taking close to 400 a month AS PRESCRIBED by a Pain Clinic (PILL PUSHER) HE stopped cold turkey and spent 3 months in the Salvation Army SICKER than HE HAD ever been then another 3 months of Depression He is still after 1 year 6 months clean time having difficulty keeping a job...he tries...but his body is in such bad shape ....he never misses a meeting at N/A and has even chaired several meetings ...I am so very proud of him

SO YES it is posible FOR SOME people to do it and then just as everyone is wired differently some need to go into rehabs and I have several friends that have been clean from doing so....AS LONG AS they stay away from any of the people that still use....or try and sabotage their Sobrierty.
For ME: I began a methadone treatment center NEVER allowed them to convince me I needed to be dosed higher than WHAT I had set my limitations at...which was 40mg's I began on 4/20/2011 and I am on the taper program.....And in the 9 months I have been attending the Methadone clinic I have NEVER once craved any one of those pills I had once taken...Nor have a failed one U/A test as I have NO DESIRE to do anything other than use this center for one reason only to take my dose/taper off/ continue to work on ME and why i used in the first place...church prayer groups meetings and only being around people that DO NOT USE!!
So I personally do not feel as I swapped one for another but are there in the clinic that DO SO...YOU BETCHA...I hear them talk about how they buy over the counter meds to HELP make the methadone "make you feel high" and i want to kick them in the head!!!
I know people that have been attending this place for 2 yrs 5 yrs some even 10 and they are on a dose of 120 to 200 mg?? THERE IS NO REASON ANYONE should ever be taking that High of a milligram of Methadone...Yes my clinic IS a MONEY HUNGRY dont give a Sh!T about US and getting clean ...............
Bottom line is MONEY and keeping patients HOOKED...
BUT I'm smarter than the average bear and I knew this from past stories of people I knew that went here were I am going......
I am currently at 20mgs and I next wednesday I will be at 17mgs ....I AM doing it as it should be done as it CAN be done IF and ONLY If that person REALLY WANTS to be FREE of all drugs and that is what I wanted all along....
Since I began my husband has seen a complete difference in me and so has my teenage son...My husband said with in the first 2 weeks of me going "I have the woman I married 22 years ago BACK, the happy, fun, Not moody or mean, but she is LAUGHING again"!!
so Yes do i think its was and is worth it FOR ME..??? YOU BETCHA....

I will never regret getting my life back together, throwing away all those bad influences away that I once called "a Friend" No they were my drug dealers...plain and simple....
yes is tapering off methadone hard? to some degree , yes...but its a far cry from the FAILED attempts at COLD TURKEY and laying on my bathroom floor telling my son "moms got the flu"??
Those days are OVER and if I have to deal with some anxiety, insomnia, mild depression ..I'll take it while tapering off methadone....and when I'm done I will continue to WORK ON ME......
So that is MY STORY that is  my reason for NOT detoxing it cold turkey.....MINE..
so if ya still DONT GET it....I hope I shed light on the fact not everyone is the same not everyone wants what I wanted so until they do......they will fail......
As for your wife going into a short rehab and came out taking MORE meds then when she went in....this is just my OPINION...but it sounds as though they didn't have her well being PROIRITY 1!!! To help her maintain a clean life....
just curious did you check out the rehab center prior to her going into it?? did you get GOOD feedback from PAST patients??
just curious.....
I wish her nothing but the best and to succeed at this addiction life....is she attending meetings? does she go to any type of doctor/counselor for out patient treatment?? I did and he was and Is so helpful....
Good luck to her and I will pray cuz YES I am a christian....and he has given me so much throughout this process.....
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i tried rehab to get off vicodin and they gave me another pill just addictive.  Plus when I was in there, they had everyone on the floor really doped up all the time.  I really didn't get anything from my stay there, and after I ran out of the suboxones they gave me, I went into withdrawal AGAIN and had to start all over.  It was a big waste of time and money for me.  I also went back on vicodin.  6 months later I am back at day four of just doing it cold turkey on my own.  I don't want to jump the gun, but I think something has snapped in me and I am really done with getting high.  I don't think I was really ready before and was just looking for an easy way out. I personally don't think rehabs don't help as many people as they could and can actually hurt more people.  Just my opinion though. :)
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Absolutley love what you wrote as it is SOOO true ......Something snapped in me and I am really done with getting High and I was really never "READY" before...
that is what I think all addicts must REALIZE...WE HAVE TO WANT IT!!! you did and I did...You will do it cold turkey and with support and faith love and a strong will to be clean, you will be successful.
Others like myself, went to a methadone treatment center and I am on my way DOWN...Im in the taper phase...and I too with FAITH, LOVE, Support and my STRONG WILL to be clean...I will be successful...
Each person can do it the way they feel works for them.
I to tried the Cold Turkey road and failed many times......So many times,  that each time I would stop using cold turkey I would GO BACK and my addiction would BE WORSE I could take 5 X's the amount each time I failed ....

So cold turkey was no longer an option...Treatment has helped me.....ME!
I want eveyone to know EVERYONE decides what's best for them most of them come out of this addiction .....from the method they used....But if you do not continue to WORK on yourself and go to church prayer groups AA or NA meetings...a phyciatrist...you have to remember this is a life long addiction.
once we complete whatever method used to detox then the REAL work begins.....
So I wish you all the best and I will pray for you and I want ALL of us to get out from under what is holding us back from being everything we can be....
CLEAN & SOBER for one but just to live a life free of drugs to be able to do things with out drugs to LIVE!!!
god bless and stay strong you can do this just remember how much YOU hate that drug and that high  only causes so much pain more than you had before you ever started takin it.......
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