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21 yer old son with duel issues, mental health/pot smoking

Hello.  My son who is 21 is addicted to pot! Yes, it is so.  He started smoking when he was 15 because he suffers from severe anxiety. He has been to many doctors, pip centers etc. He is on SSI and cannot work. We do not know what to do.  He has broken many things in our home.  He has sold things from our house to get money for pot. He will not take anti -depressants. He is on Xanax. He sees a psychologist once a week. It's a joke, he goes there only for the Xanax. He would never make it on the streets.  he would kill himself, maybe not on purpose but he would.  How do we get him into a duel hospital without his consent? We are in NJ. Please help us.
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Hello and welcome. I am sorry your post got overlooked.
A few things need to be addressed. Smoking pot can cause more anxiety.
It happened to my son. He got extremely anxious, paranoid, acted manic and violent. I don't think the psychiatrist should be prescribing him xanax unless he also agrees to take a mood stabilizer.
He is on ssi at 21 for his anxiety?
Do you have control of his xanax?
You should definitely not put up with his violent behavior or his  stealing.
There should be consequences for his actions.
Sometimes they need a wake up call. I had to put out my 23 year old son and 20 year old daughter because of similar circumstances.
They both got themselves clean very soon after. My daughter went into
A Christian women's home. She has been clean now for 2 1/2 years.
My son is also doing well.
Have you gone to al-anon?
Have you spoken to his psychologist about his behavior?
What suggestions do they have?
Keep the faith.
There is always hope.
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well i do know that medical marijuana is dispensed for those suffering from anxiety. and many say that it is far better for them than xanax.

but unfortunately insurance companies do not pay for it yet, so the "stealing" and "violence" continues, trying to get something that they feel helps with their anxiety....

so sad
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