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Boyfriend using cocaine

I really just need someone to talk to. I've been suspicious of my boyfriend using cocaine. Today he finally admitted it to me. He thinks it's not a big deal bc he "don't do it all the time" to me it's unacceptable no matter what. Do I need to leave him or help him. Can I help him. Any advice is appreciated
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If he's not doing it every day you're truthful answer can be, You're not doing it everyday yet. Because it doesn't take much of a nudge to get to that point. It is a big deal, as is proven by all the side effects. There are young men and women dying every day to heart attacks, in their 20's 30's and ongoing. You are gong to have to sincerely get on board with the idea that you can only help him by insisting that he see a profressinal, and Addiction's Therapist. And also, insist that you won't be there for him unless he is drug testing (done through rehab at first) when i was actively using, i initiated blood testing every second day for over two years to prove that i was clean. An addict can and will "go to any lengths" if they don't truly do not want to lose their family. You are worth that effort. Please don't be afraid to be alone, remember, it's not you that the problem. I'm here for you anytime.
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