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Committing meth addict without consent?

Hey, I need some advise on what to do about my Uncle. He’s addicted to crystal meth, and has type two diabetes. He isn’t taking care of his diabetes, and is not doing well health wise at all. We all suspect he will die with in a month or two. He refuses treatment. He is currently living with his mom and dad.His dad was just diagnosed with cancer and his mom has Alzheimer’s and her condition is getting worse very quickly so we’ve decided to move them closer to family so they’re taken care of properly.
We’re not sure how to move them with my uncle there. Since meth addicts can get very violent, and we will be taking his income away (he takes all of his parents money, since his mom never remembers and his dad doesn’t want him getting violent) which will surely upset my uncle a great deal. We live in Canada, are there any mental health facilities or rehabs in or around Ontario, that will take someone in without their consent? Also, does the person to commit said person, have to be a parent, or can they be a sibling, cousin, etc?
Also we are open to calling the police to take him if it is necessary.
Thanks so much for any help you can offer.
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I think you need some solid legal advice from an attorney on this one.  Certainly your uncle has no right to his parents' home once they move to another residence - unless they have put something in writing stating that he can remain there.  Are they even agreeable to making the move?  If they aren't, there isn't much you can do.  If they do want to move, you'll probably need a lawyer to have him evicted if he refuses to leave.  If you have proof that he's been stealing their money or they're willing to press charges, you'll have something to work with.  I wouldn't recommend trying to remove him yourselves.  Make sure you have the law on your side and have the police do it.  

Since your uncle has no intention of going into rehab, focus your energies on his parents and what is best for them.  I really don't mean to sound harsh, but if your uncle is in as bad physical shape as you say, he won't be a problem for much longer.  Even if you discover you can force him into rehab legally, it may not make one bit of difference since the decision isn't his.  Unless and until he is ready to get sober and work on his recovery, no amount of rehab will help.  

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