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Drug abuse for a 16 yr old boy

My brother is 16 years old and he taking drugs smoking weed and we think he's doing coke now. He been stealing money from his 11 month yr old nephew and stealing ipods from his sisters and selling them for money so he can get money for drugs. We asked him why he's doing this and his reason is becuase he's tried of being broke. Not a very good excuse i'll say. My father is doing everything in his power to help him, but he went to a rehab facility today to put in rehab and they said they can't because my 16 yr old brother has to agree to be in there, i dont understand why they need my 16 yr old brothers permission when his 16years old and a minor on top of it.And my father is the parent and gaurdian for him. So please can anyone help or do they know of a facility that takes drug addicts that dont need the minors permission to be in a rehab facility. My father has been having health problems because my dad cant deal with the stree my brother is putting him through, my 16 yr old brother is going to follow in my mothers foot step if we dont help him now so please anyone help.
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hello mary, i am sorry your family is going through this.addiction is a family disease.you stated "you dont want him to follow in my mothers footsteps"  it definitely affects the whole family. we become worried,sad,angry,frustrated.
i dont know the laws in illinois,but it seems too young for him to beable to make his own decisions about rehab.
has your brother been in trouble with the police? i only ask this because if he has and has a court date, your dad can request to put him in a rehab.

has your dad taken him to counseling? your brothers substance abuse is a symptom of what is going on in his mind,heart and spirit. substance abuse covers up and hides emtional wounds,pain and scars that get pushes deep down inside. counseling would help bring that to the surface and help him deal with it.
your family should check into alanon. it is a support group for those affected by substance abuse. it will help you and your dad understand addiction.
does your brother admit to his use? does he say he has a problem or not?
sending hugs and hope,
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Hi Mary...

Did you ever get help on this.  I don't know if this would help.  I live in AZ and here you can request the court to order treatment and get evaluation.  They courts may grant this to your father if your brother is unwilling to go on his own.  In arizona it's called a title 36 or title 9.  You can probably research it in your state.  

Also my son is an addict.  He is 21 yrs old.  I didn't know exactly what was going on when i told him that i would no longer support him financially or emotionally.   I told him i would not longer have anything to do with him if he didn't stop stealing.  I didn't realize at that time it was for his addiction.  I asked him to leave and come back when he thought he could stop.  He did realize that he had no one but me and i dont' know if that helped him to admit that he had a problem but he did sooon after.

I found this for residents of illinois.  Call CALL:  (312) 563-0445

this is information on the above website for


Good luck.  

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