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Healing from heroin

Can the brain really recover from heroin addiction?
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YES it can im living proof and there are loads of other people on here that can tell you the same.i was on heroin,weed,alcohol,crack,eactacy and benzos oh and speed now and then.Not all at once,but heroin was my drug of choice for 9 years.I have used subutex to rebuild my life ive been on that for 2 years but ive been cutting down slowly,and now im on 0.8mg daily.and i dont use other drugs its a long slow process rebuilding your life but it is possible.You need time and help(NA or something similair help).take care .chris
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Thank you for your input. I appreciate your honesty, and would love to hear more comments from you. I attended a codependent meeting the other night, and also started seeing a therapist again. Trying to take care of myself and stay strong. This is really difficult!
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Recovery is a long process with many rewards.  Using was only a symptom of our addiction.  Seeing a therapist will help you tremendously.  We have to face our demons.  It will be painful at times but we have to walk thru our pain.  We buried them and numbed ourselves up to long.
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Hi like domino said, digging up all those emotions that are buried deep down is a hard process but very important.I never thought i would be a spiritual person,but faith has found me.NA call it a higher power,and it really does exist if you let it be.Staying strong and positive is really really important it under pins everything else.You can do this!!!Gotta go to my new addiction now NA meetings.Take care chris
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Thank you, Chris! I am leaning on my faith more now than ever. I pray more often,(sometimes I pray just to get myself out of bed in the morning). I am hoping that my son will lean more on his faith and become stronger and healthier because of it. I know I can't force it, but I am trying to model it for him. I am
the classic codependent, and have had to learn the hard way regarding my dealings with my family. I am striving for healthy relationships now. I always thought I was, but I know now that I have had to redefine what healthy means. :)
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hi,you sound similiar to my dad he supported me through my troubles.Its really difficult for parents ,we dont mean to hurt you,but were out of control!is he trying to get on a detox plan(subutex or methodone?)
Dont let it come between you and your family,you need them more than ever!My dad said to me "chris i still love you but i dont want to know you anymore till your better" and it hurt me it still does,but it starter to sink into my addicted brain,and it ones one of the things that brought about change.
Take care.Chris
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He's not on methadone or suboxone right now. He is dealing with it with cigarettes, AA, NA meetings, and lots of support from his family, and mostly yours truly. He is in therapy, and we are trying to set up a schedule so he goes more regularly. I told him if he's going to live here that he has to continue being drug tested and go to therapy. I know therapy only works if the addict wants it to, but I think it's reasonable to require it, because I truly believe that therapy, along with NA support is necessary for recovery. There are things that were upsetting him long before he became addicted. He needs to learn to think differently, and learn to accept and love himself.
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Thats good hes trying to beat it without subs or methadone.I wish id have gone to NA meeting sooner.ive been going for a month and a half now and i love it,you get to meet some truely inspirational people,that have been clean for 5,10,15 years or longer,it gives you someone to look upto.And more importantly hope for the future.Good on you for the encouragement you give your son.Im sure he will come out the other side.
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it is perfectly fine for you to set up boundarys/requirements/rules for him to live in your home. i know you told me you went to a CADA meeting. have you looked into alanon? also celebrate recovery and overcomers outreach will also be beneficial. they are both faith based groups that deal with co-dependency,addiction and hurts. they follow the 12 step program and are bibically based. i attend both groups and it is tremendous.
i am praying for you and your son.
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