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Herion addict?

I think my son and daughter in law are doing heroin,  what are the signs, do you get slurred speech and nodding out with heroin.  I know at one time they were doing percocet 30's and both have done Xanax I have tried to get them help, There is an addiction, I'm just trying to find out if it has escalated to heroin,.  I don't think they are shooting, is it possible to snort. Please respond. Thanks.  They have 2 beautiful children and they are suffering too
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Yes,people snort heroin and it does cause nodding out and slurred speech. How do they look?  Are they lethargic acting?  Have you asked them or shared your suspicions?
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they could also be taking more roxy 30s .I have been accused of slurring while on them.Do you live near a major heroin area?
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ANY opiate can cause nodding out and slurring.  Don't be fooled into thinking that percocet or any other prescription drug is any safer to abuse than heroin.  They're all dangerous when abused and particularly when mixed with other mind-altering drugs like xanax or alcohol.  Mixing makes respiratory failure much more likely.  It doesn't matter if they're using heroin or something else.  They're in serious trouble.

You can't force anyone into any medical treatment of any kind.  Until their lives are so completely wrecked that they admit they have a problem and want to change, this is what life will be and it will probably get worse before it gets better.  

I certainly understand your concern for the children.  Do you think there is any way they will legally appoint you as their guardians voluntarily?  You can't change your son and daughter-in-law, but you might be able to make life better for the kids.  A chat with a family law attorney would be a good idea if you want to pursue guardianship.
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