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Heroin Addiction took him for a minute.. What is the likeliness of it coming back?

I fell in love with my beautiful best friend.  We were officially dating for about half a year, which makes everything so much more difficult…. When he told me what was really going on for the past couple months.  I knew he had experience with things like drinking/ smoking before, and that he struggles with anxiety and depression.  The using heroin aspect though, was when my own heart broke. His family member that he was close with has struggled for YEARS and my friend tried it in efforts to escape. When he finally realized that this is not the life he wants to provide the world with ( as soon as he learned he was addicted ) he immediately tried to stop his use.

The first few tries were 2 weeks, relapse.  3 weeks, relapse. 1 month, relapse.  Ever since he was addicted his life turned into only helping himself.  We have always loved eachother so much, but he really stopped pushing me away to focus on himself once he was clean for about 70 days.  He has always been super strong. He found the damn drug in his pocket, he threw it out. ( I watched).  His "dealer" or whatever texted him, he didn't text back.  But one day, his twin brother was relapsing and to help his twin get off the street he tried to find him a place to stay. Twin was using for a week next to my friend, my friend didn't want to do it.  He gave in at the end of the week.  He said, " When I was high it wasn't even worth it.  It just made me sad.  It didn't make me feel good at all."  He has struggled with hating him self more after that relapse, but I am his friend / almost lover supporting him through all. Going to meetings with him, etc.  We love eachother so much : )
Soon after, he moved out of his sober house and down to the south of Utah ( we aren't mormon ) to get away from all triggers and to kind of start fresh.  He has been doing awesome there.  Job, school again, all those meetings.   Really doing what he owes himself.
My question is….. Even though every case of addiciton is different in ways, what is the likliness of another relapse to happen to someone that really doesn't want to do the drug?  Is constant relapse imminent?  Share stories.  Give advice.  I want to gain more thoughts upon .. for MY life, if it's possible to have a life with my best friend.  Does relapse stop? How long typically is recovery?
We don't support erasing pain with substance of any kind like this at all or even doing that with having a  cigarette anymore.
My best friend is beautiful and so talented, I still find ways to be in love with him.  He's so driven to get this **** out of the way.  I don't want to hurt by watching a wonderful man's life sent to hell.  Obviously.  Extra forum support is appreciated.  
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