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How do I deal with my 28 your old using heroin

She has been through rehab for obits in her early 20's and now is using heroin,,, She lost 6 friends to this,  She also has lupus
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Sorry to say nothing that u can do but do what u need to do for u. She won't hear it until she ready n no matter what u Try n do will change that. So focus on u sorry but it's true
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Hello and welcome. Until she is sick and tired of being sick and tired she won't stop. No amount of begging, threatening, fighting, crying or yelling will matter.
Does she live with you? Don't give her money.
As hard as it is to do you cant focus on her addiction. It will make you sick mentally, physically and emotionally.
Have you been to Al-anon or naranon? There are support groups for the loved ones of addicts.
There is always hope. Keep the faith.
Take care of yourself.
Sending hope, encourgament, prayers and support,
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I'm really sorry that you've had no response til now. Maybe i can help? I'm sorry about your daughters addiction, I too was addicted to drugs and alcohol for many many years until i quit all 17 years ago. You haven't given much to go on. It's important to know some things,. does she live with you and who else? has she been to jail rehab before? has she had mental health issues ? I think the best thing you can do right now is to go to a local Addiction's Therapist and they can talk to you about an Intervention, and Detox, and Rehab. About her Aftercare, and yours, about your going to a program called Alanon to support your resolve to no longer enable your daughter. We can love an addict to death unfortunately. An addict if they do get clean and sober will never thank a person who has enabled them to kill themselves. I know this from experience. I often remember my mother letting me go to bed after taking enough pills to bring down a horse, and i always wondered where her head was at and why she didn't call an ambulance instead of letting me sleep. Did she want me to die? Addiction is a family disease. Everyone is affected, and everyone affects each other. It helps to have a professional guide you, so please get an Addiction's Therapist asap if you haven't already done so. Can't say much more unless i know more of the specifics. You can private message me as well if that helps. Just hit Nighthawk61, and then "send message" and i'll get back to you within a day. I had a long term problem like your daughters, and i got clean and sober 17 years ago. I know addictions from both sides. My husband relapsed and i dealt with that by having him committed to a psychiatric hospital for 72 hours that turned into two weeks while he had his medication worked out, and then on to a 90 day Relapse Prevention Rehab, it had to be done a certain way, and he's been clean and sober since. Maybe i can help to support you but i need more info. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Liz
Oops, i'm really sorry  i didn't see the other members that commented on your post til now.
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