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How do I get my brother to leave?

Im 36. Disabled. Fighting to get disability for a year now. Not able to work. I moved in with my disabled Mother 3 yrs ago to help us both. In nov my brother fell off a roof and broke his foot. Hes been to rehab six times for meth and heroin and pills and inhalants (fentanyl). When he fell my mom let him come stay with us while he healed. He started doing meth again shortly after. It's been months. He steals. Hes doing drugs in the house. I tried to get him committed. They dont have any beds open in detox and dont know when they will. None of the rehab places will take him. Found a meth spoon in with the silverware last night. Idk how much more i can take of this. He has income. I dont. I have no where to go but id rather be homeless than continue. What can i do?
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Sorry for the late response, hope you come back. Well, since it's your mother's house, it is your mother who must ask him to leave. I'm not sure if she doesn't have to give him notice if he's got his mail coming to the house. The way to get around that though, is to tell him that the police will be called when he's using. Then , there needs to be follow through. Maybe locks have to be taken off the doors, to get it done. The only thing a  family can do under these circumstances is to have an Intervention and tell the addict that until he tests clean and sober, they will have nothing to do with them. Change the locks, and call the police if he returns. I do hope your mother is aware of the gravity of the situation., that right now she's enabling him to kill himself in her home. She is not doing him any favors and in fact, if he does get clean and sober he will forever resent her for letting it go on with her not stopping him in her home, at least. I think you and your mom need to talk to an Addictions Therapist, so that your mom will understand that she is directly harming her son by letting him to continue using in her house. I think she needs this type of support in order to act in his (and yours) best interests. Please come back and let us know what you think?
It's ok. Thank you for responding. I was able to convince my Mom that he had to go. He set up rehab but then didnt go and continued to use in the house until two weeks ago. He left to go to detox and had packed his bags. He was using heavily that day and by the time he got to detox they were full again. He showed up back at the house at midnight. I had to call an ambulance. He made it. Went to jail tho. He is in a hotel now. My sense of security is still broken but at least he isn;t living here now.
Is he still out of the house? How are you?
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