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How do I stop the Insanity?

About 12 years ago my husband had a couple of back surgeries and had to have a rod inserted in his back. Since then my life has become a nightmare. My husband is addicted to Loritabs, at first he managed the medication. After being deemed 100% disabled for employment, his addiction started getting worse. I myself have been in recovery for 28 years for drug addiction, I tried to get him help, and he went to rehab, but left after 2 wks because he felt he wasn't an addict like the rest of them. For a time I didn't participate with his insanity or addiction. we have been married for 34 years and the past 3 yrs have been hell. Pain management just keeps giving and increasing the amt of pills he takes. And like an addict he uses them all before it is time to get more from pain management, so he buys them off the street, which has turned into a financial nightmare. He spends all of his disability check on pills, so the rest is left up to me. I make sure that everything is paid with my paycheck. He has gone through all of our savings, his 401k and profit sharing. I can't keep any cash at home because he steals it from me. In the past year he has gone a from bad to worse. I am to the point that I hate him and want him out of my home, but don't know how to get him out. I have no money for an attorney. Luckily  I have been able to maintain my own soberity with help of my support group. I am 65 years old and feel totally hopeless. I need some guidance  and suggestions.
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Sorry for the late reply and your predicament. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS for maintaining your own sobriety. Are you co-owners on the property that you live on now?
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