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How does crack cocaine use, causes physical damage to body

My husband has shown symptoms for years. Before we were married he casually mentioned he was in a substance abuse program,  because of his federal job,  naming alcohol. I didn’t know it was cocaine use, till he tried to hook me on it. I have been married to a lying, manipulative, angry man for 25 years. I am now 72, he is 71. I had my suspicions off and on, but it really got worse the last two years. I couldn’t identify the horrible smell on him. He has had many medical problems, that he made excuses for. I am a retired nurse, was really in love with him. Now I kiss him when he comes home from the bar, my lips burn, and I actually feel sick. His clothes stinks, and now I think he went from cocaine to crack. So many tells, I was so trusting. I learned two years ago he was dropping ectasy in my drinks. Now I don’t let him near my liquids. I also have a bad feeling about men in his life. Are there legal options? My life, my money I once had are gone. Is there any help?
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