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How to replace an addiction

Okay I have been clean for a month now. It has been really hard for me because I moved away from my home, friends, and family to get clean and do the right thing because I need to for me, but mostly for the baby growing inside of me. I had to leave the love of my life, which was the most hardest thing for me, and now he is in jail for quite a while which I guess is actually a good thing, but it is still hard. But, my problem that has been bothering me lately isn't being clean, but it is that I don't know what to do with myself or time, and I'm in this big city(Las Vegas) and there seems like there is nothing to do for a pregnant, newly sober, 20 year old girl. But does anyone have any ideas for what I could do to make myself happier and not so depressed that I left my life? I really would appriciate it.
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Why not look into helping out local charities or volunteering your time to help others?  I'm pretty sure there's more to do in Vegas than gamble and party... if we look hard enough.  I know, this sounds corny, but seriously, why not?

Good luck to you!  And congrats on the baby.  :)
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thank you. Yes that sounds like it could be a good idea. I apprciate it. And thank you again. I am very excited to have him.
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have you considered going to any support groups to help prevent relapse, such as na/aa?
you can look for a new hobby, exercise group with other pregnant women.
how far along are you in your pregnancy?
are you working or going to church? you could meet people through there to spend time with.
congrats on your clean time.
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Exercise! Take care of yourself and you baby! I am a nursing student who just had OB clinical, I have seen alot of what can go wrong. Take your multivitamin, make sure yiur getting plenty of folic acid. Go for walks, swim, pick up a book maybe.

My sister relapsed after she gave birth. She did a great job staying clean while she was pregnant... great job to you also! I cannot imagine how hard it is! I think finding a solid sober group of people, like a support group would be a great idea.  That way u will have great support after u give birth and the stress of being a mother kicks in. Good luck to u friend.
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