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Husband Addicted to Cocaine

New Here - Husband addicted to coke

hello everyone...i am new here. this is such a terrible time. but i knew that i was coming to the right place to share my story and hopefully get some advice/support.

well, i met my husband 12 years ago 20 month old son. i am 40 and my husband is 38. my husband has always smoked week...practically everyday. .
so, the problems in my marriage were forced to the surface when i discovered that during my pregnancy of 2010, he had an affair with his yoga instructor who is a former stripper from czech. i was devasted to learn the truth. we separated a few weeks, and then he moved back in. we tried to work things out...it was difficult...trying to rebuild the marriage after infedelity, but we tried. it was terrible for me though. but i wanted to save my family. he got into therapy and so did i. the affair was discovered 9 months ago when he confessed. so fast forward to 3 weeks ago. my husband is in the "mancave" all night with the door closed. i fall asleep. in the morning, i see his phone on the counter and discovered a dirty text message to a woman. i woke him up and we were both devastated. he said that he met her on the internet the year before and that they like to sext occasionally.

i was through. i told him to get out. he begged and pleaded for me not to leave him...he begged all day. and then he finally said that he wanted me to sit down. i was afraid of what was coming. he told me to sit on the couch and that he would be right back. he came in with a box. in the box were all these balloons. he told me that he was addicted to cocaine and had been for a long time...ever since we reconciled 9 months earlier. he said that he tried to stop but couldnt. he said that when he drinks, he likes to do the cocaine, and then gets sexual. i was devastated. he said that he could not stop doing it and wanted to. so, after a day of thinking about it, and after seeing his therapist...i decided to "stand by him." i gave him 4 conditions...i said that he had to go to rehab, stop drinking, go to counseling, and be 100% transparent. that transparency meant access to all email, phone, computer, etc. i never requested this from him when we reconciled from the 1st affair. he came back and told me that he would do the rehab, counseling, computer...but no phone. he said that he would not give me access to his phone records. he said all i would do was call people and get people in trouble at work...or make a big deal out of nothing. i was not budging. i told him that if he could not be transparent with me, then we had no marriage. and guess what? he left me. he went to go and stay at his brothers house for 2 weeks.

during that 2 weeks, he was acting crazy. he wanted to fight with me about visitation with our little toddler...things like wanting him to spend the night with him 4 nights in a row. and he was verbally abusive...calling me names...you name it. and i would only respond to him by saying..."rehab, stop drinking, transparency, counseling." and that only got him madder and madder. .

the next morning, he came over to our house in a rage when he saw that my son was not there.... he went crazy and pushed me ...and i hit the wall. i was terrified. i called the police...and they came asap. blood was everywhere. i had to have 5 stitches in my forehead. he went to jail for 8 days. i have never seen my husband in a rage like that.

when he got out of jail...he was not very remorseful..still staying at his brothers house. his family member were calling me to get his things. there is a restraining order in place by the police so his family was speaking on his behalf...of course all on his side. they all came over the night of the altercation being supportive and saying that he needed to get into rehab. well, once he got out of jail...things were a little different...they werent as nice to me. all my husband did was tell me how horrible jail was for him...it was like he was blaming me for him going to jail. he took no responsibility. and then he refused to talk to me and used the restraining order as an excuse even though it clearly says that he can talk to me about visitation in a peaceful way. but no, he had his family speak on his bahalf.

i know that his family spent the entire time he was locked up looking for rehab centers in our area. i agreed to let them use my insurance that pays 100 percent for in patient care. and then when he got out...he never went to rehab. he said he was going to go...but never went. i then learned that he might lose his job as a teacher because they found out about the domestic violence charge so he will have to answer for that.

he is staying over at his brothers house with no money, no car, job in jeopardy...just out of jail...and away from me and the baby.

i logged into his email account..as he must have forgot i have the password...i see that he reached out to a woman who he used to do drugs with a while back. i know they did coke and xanax together.

and he is still not in rehab.

since he is not talking to me...i finally sent him a letter telling him that i wanted out since he would not comply with the guidelines. i told him that i deserve a man to fight for me and his family....that i had value. i told him that he lied to me, cheated on me...shows no remorse and basically bailed on me and the baby. and that is exactly what he has done....and he wont even communicate with me. i felt as if i had no choice but to let him go. i will not take him back without rehab and transparency. something tells me that those phone records must be really bad...enough to risk the marriage. it could be other women....and/or all of his drug connections...i dont know. but all i do know is that he is not willing to be transparent with me. he wants to keep this secret life and that is not a marriage to me. i will not be a doormat.

i also told him that he could see our son whenever he wanted at our home...he cant take him with him anywhere...not as long as he has a drug problem. he came to see the baby a month ago...and brought a police officer with him. he said he wanted to make sure "i would not send him back to jail!" i could not believe he did that...he was the one who hurt me during the altercation???  i just ignored it and was polite to both the officer and my husband. it really hurt me that he turned that whole situation around.

but the truth is everyone...is that i am so upset. i miss him terribly. i cant believe that he left us. i cant believe that he is a drug addict. i dont want to believe it. i am in denial...i know that. i keep thinking he made up the drug addict story because he got caught sexting. but then why would he have all that coke to show me? and when i went on his computer...i saw that back in january, he submitted an on-line assessment to a rehab facility. i never knew. apparently they tried to contact him several times, and he never followed up. i dont want to believe that he is actually addicted to cocaine. he always seemed so function...ever stealing things...or missing money...so that is why i am having a hard time accepeting this. but the truth is that he even told him family he was addicted...why would he lie?

since he was here last to see the baby....a month ago...i have not heard a word from him. not even to ask about his son. during that time a month ago, i received an email from him telling me how he missed me and the baby desparately and how he cries about me...but that "he doesnt know how to come back."  and that "he lashes out becasue he doesnt know how i feel." i ignored it because i know that he already knows what to do. i cant accept his crumbs.

i dont know what to do....it is like he dropped off the face of the earth.

pleae help me.

sorry for the "book"
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I am so sorry to hear that ! my oldest daughter turned 18 and all hell broke loose  she is 19 and  addicted to heroin and I am raising her son which is 3 . which I am going to go get custody of . she has him maybe 4-5 times a month and doesn't call and check up on him or anything the rest of the time. she has quit her habit  for a month then went right back to it , she has lost everything she owns except her apartment only because its goes by your income , and since she has no income she lives there rent free but she lost her job & her car. you can help him and put him in rehab but ifs he doesn't want help your  just be wasting your time. good luck
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thanks orientmom...i am very sorry about your daughter. this is all so very hard.

i dont know what to do.
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You DO know what to do.  Follow your instincts.  He did not comply with very reasonable conditions.  There is something i am thinking about since reading this.  You said he had little balloons or bags of cocaine? No missing $? I wonder if he is selling/dealing the cocaine as well as taking it.  It's a possibility...he would have phone #s of where he gets it, who he sells to.  Maybe not.  But even if he wasn;t selling it, everything else is enough.  You cannot have this person in your child's life.  Or your own.  He hurt you...emotionally and physically! And he didn;t get down on his knees and say he was sorry and beg you for forgiveness and promise to go to rehab...none of it...you said he was not remorseful.  I will say that a lot of his behaviour could be because of the drugs...they make people do crazy things, and they make people into different people.  But if he has no plan to go to rehab, then you need to be done.  And if he did go? That is not a guarantee that everything will be fixed.  I know you miss him....and you will for a while, but he is not the one you miss....you miss who he used to be.  I would get custody filed asap...you don;t know what he or his family will do....do you have family around as support to you? friends? He has cheated 2 times that you know of...or 1, but even sexting is inappropriate.  Those are things you found out.  There could be more.  And he does not want to be an open book for you, and that is so important for a healthy relationship.  I think you need to get out and file at least a separation, with custody of your child, with visitation for your husband, and probably supervised visitation since he is violent, and usually on drugs.  Maybe he'll take all of that as a wake-up call, and if after that, no change from him, then maybe you know you are done.  I hope I'm not saying too much...I am just thinking of your child mostly, because babies need secure, safe, loving environments.  And of course I am devastated for you that you are going through this.  I know how you feel about some of what has gone on with you, and I know you love him and just want everything fixed or better, and it is so sad that this is happening.  I know you are just broken.  And he broke you.  You need to take care of yourself and the baby...you tried to take care of him and he refused, so he has to take care of himself.  I hope I`ve helped you even a tiny bit...I`ll be here for you if you post again or if you want to private message instead.  I know this is so hard.  
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What a mess,first my name is danny and im a addict (pain pills).Not sure how i wound up here,but glad i did....First you done the right thing,rehab. is for someone WANTING to quit,ifhe refused rehab. then that should be enough to STAY AWAY from him PEROID!! At this point it donst matter whos right or worng,if he refuses rehab. then i think that sould be the hard line you draw. Being a addict is no fun,if your willing to come clean with EVERYTHING,if he is not 100% honest then my opion would e to quit riding the fence,let go!! botttom line if he does not want rehab.,he my hurt you worse,and is not ready to quit,rom what im reading YOU DESERVE BETTER. Everyone deserves a chance IF they want to be clean,a husband,honest,be a friend ect..i know its hard-stand firm    Danny GOD BLESS.....
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thank you...i am glad you think my conditions are reasonable. i am just really torn up about the whole thing. he refuses to give me his phone records which tells me that he has a lot to hide from me. and that is not a healthy marriage. i want no secrets. those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing is what my therapist tells me.

danny....do you believe that his drug use causes him to act like this? what about the cheating? is that all part of it? sometimes i feel like the cheating hurts me deeper than his addiction.

sometimes i feel like he has done so much bad and does not know how to make things right...so he just gives up...and walks out on his family.

what do you guys think?
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Addicts will lie,cheat(not all of them) steal,what ever it takes to get dope,im sorry but true!!Yes im sure drugs are making him act this way,BUT he is still acting this way and its not SAFE for you and son,sorry but true.Stand firm for rehab. if he refuses then he is NOT ready to quit! Stay away from him till (if ever)he decides to quit.The phone records are im sure for dope conn. so they dont really matter,but being HONEST is,have a safe day and ill keep a eye on this forum-yes you are being reasonable ok,but like i said draw a HARD LINE and see where he"s at this point in he"s life..........yourin my prayers      Danny
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