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JoNell Obrien

5 days ago My boyfriend decided he wanted to change his life and go sober so we could save money,get married,buy a home and have a family.... by the 5th day he got so overwhelmed and relapsed... told me that he hasn't loved me since being sober. That I'm not the same person from when he met me and he feels as though he needs to get away from me to focuse on himself.but he still loves me...as a friend. He went to his parents home and video chatted me later that night talking about how he loves me and it hurts him... how I should go back to Portland to pick up a new ID dance for week and come back. And start this job I just got. Next morning he wants nothing to do with me. I'm need help.
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Your comment is kinda confusing. Is he still sober? Is he saying when he is sober he realizes you are not the same person anymore? Because this is pretty common. When someone decides to sober up, THEY are not the sa me person anymore. And either of the partners may realize that they are not a good fit anymore.
He said this wile drunk and is the most kind wile sober...keeps on switching from wanting to be with me, to wanting to change before we get back together. He says I'm not the same person he fell in love with that I'm not fun or spontaneous as I use to be the first 6 months.... I'm not gonna lie it's the truth because I'm deAling with a couple of deaths lately.
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Just wondering if that's your name.. JoNeil Obrian? it's suggested not to use real names (in case you didn't know). Hope you find the help you need, i' know this is a hard time. and I'm sorry for your recent losses, Please accept my condolences. Please know that your loved ones feel your pain and wish you to be happy despite your loss. They're in heaven and will be there until you are. So, please don't fret. You have these spirits watching over you now.
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