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Just found out my father has been doing heroin; what can I do?

My father used to be a heroin addict when I was a kid, and has been clean for many years (I'm 31 now). He recently had a seizure, and no one could figure out why; just yesterday, I learned that he has been doing heroin again. I feel shocked, like he knows how it messed his life up so badly many years ago, and everything has been going really well for him; now he's decided to throw it all away unexpectedly, for what? I am just blown away, and I don't know what to do, or how to talk to him about it (it's awkward enough discussing his past experiences with him). What can I do, and what should I say to him? Also, does anyone know of a good online support forum for this type of situation? Thank you!
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It's really hard to say as you know him much more than anyone one of us on the internet. I would say go to a pain clinic like a methadone clinic and see a specialist. He needs to be honest about everything. Extremely important to make sure it's a decent doctor and that your dad complies with the orders. You have to make sure they are taking their medicine they way they're supposed to and not selling it. Otherwise the doctor will probably not help you and eventually the police and courts could get involved which can turn family life into a nightmare. Also make sure it's not a doctor just giving out meds. Too often these doctors give out these meds and don't drug test to make sure they're taking them and not street drugs. Also do pill counts to make sure they're not selling them.

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I am addict been sober for 2 years after 10 years struggling.suboxone saved my life in combination weekly groups that allowed myself and others like me to address our daily struggles.   Your in my thoughts and prayers. Look into suboxone clinics.  I would not recommend methadone.  People tend to stay on it for ever because they are actually still getting high from the medication. Suboxone like I said.  Saved my life when I hit my bottom lost all friends family and isolated using. Now I back in reality. Got my friends and family back and same job last year and a half.    
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Unfortunately something has triggered him to use once again. You have to be firm.. dont hide that you know. Remind him how he regained his life after his past use. Does your father take an Opiate addiction medication (Methadone,  Suboxone etc)? If hes still struggling with his addiction,  maybe its a good time to introduce these medications to him if hes not already taking one. Addiction is a horrible disease.. it doesnt just go away. It'll always be there. Im a recovering herion addict. Its been 12+ yrs since ive picked up Herion or any drug for the matter. I definitely could NOT have done without the help of Methadone and then transitioned to Suboxone almost 7 months ago. I dont even get the urge at all. I live a normal healthy life and im a mother to 4 children as well as a full time caregiver of my grandmother whom had a stroke. I go by 2 things to help me stay clean..
1) My Suboxone which I take on a daily basis and see a doctor monthly for my script which I pick up from the pharmacy. Its discreet. Being my urine results or negative of any drugs ive just been promoted to seeimg my doctor bi monthly. I will be getting a 2 month supply to take on a daily basis until I see her again in 2 months.
2) I cut the "drugy" part if my life right out. You must stay away from any "triggers". That could be an old partner/partners he used with (including family). I used with my older brother.. I had no choice but to exclude him from my life. I do except phone calls and some family functions. But I will not just jump in a car with and go for a stroll. A trigger can also be "places and things". Places he "used" at. I used to "use" in my mothers home.. I had to stay away for years before it didnt trigger me off anymore.

I know this is hard to soak in. Stand firm. Tell you Dad if he doesnt get help, that you wont be a part of his drug world. Hope this helps in some way. If you need to talk please dont hesitate to message me or post here.
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I agree....stay away from Methadone. You should see what it does to the brain.
Suboxone worked for my oldest daughter very well, but you do have to be careful about the clinic. Before she found her current doctor, she went to one clinic where the doc made new people take 3 whole strips at once. It was nuts. Everybody was sick in there.
Anyway, another avenue you might investigate is Casey's Law. Look it up via google. It was enacted first in Kentucky and is now available in many states. It started out as an avenue for parents to take to help their adult children, but I don't see why an adult child couldn't use it on a parent. There are a few hoops to jump through, but if it's possible, I would encourage you to try. For some addicts, hitting bottom is death.

I came across Casey's Law when I was arguing that my daughter needed to go to rehab, and while she is using heroin, she is incompetent to make the best decision for herself. Unfortunately for us, I wasn't able to pay for a psych evaluation and something else, so I couldn't follow that through. At least check it out. Good luck.

I hate heroin.

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