How do you know you really love someone if they've been using and lying through your whole relationship? Is it terrible of me to question my feelings for the man i once wanted to marry?
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I'm going though the same. My man is in rehab now and he tells me he loves me so much but the thought keeps running though my mind. And no your not
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No you are not terrible for questioning your feelings. I'm in the same boat right now. Last week we were talking about marriage this week I bust him doing blow again after he swears on my life he didn't do it. caught him in another lie. I just don't understand how people can lie to the people who matter to them.
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Same here. I have been married for 6 years and my husband has been an addict for three. We just separated as my final push to get him better and he is.He's doing well. Now i'm questioning what was him and what was the addict. All the things I can't stand that I blew of as "The drugs talking" and now i'm so confused because it's scary that I might not know my own husband. Now that he's on his road to recovery I can start to get to know him again and see who he really is but the trust breaking and lying is so hard to get past and I think it will be that way for some time. Time heals all right? We'll just have to see. It's easiest to hurt the ones we love the most unfortunately.
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