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Marriage after rehab

Hello this is my first time posting on this forum and I guess I am just looking for a positive outlook on my situation and if anybody's had similar situations..... iv been married to my husband for 6 years.. we have 3 children 5,4,2 .... my husbands mother died from cancer whenever he was 11 and that's when the womanizing and addictions started for him. Now in October our 5 year old was diagnosed with nueeoblastoma which is childhood cancer. And he has completely spiraled out of control .. cheated 4 times that I know of used pretty much anything he could get his hands on coke heroine crack women... I'm wondering if a lot of others have gone through a drug like haze and cheated ? Also he entered a rehab facilities he has been in detox for two weeks then he goes to rehab for another 5.... just curious if once they sober up the bad behavior lie cheating stops... does anybody have a good come comeback story where they cheated came back from rehab and were able to start over fresh... that's what I'm hoping for because I don't want to give up on my marriage but I cannot continually be disrespected either.... thoughts anyone???
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I do have a friend and tjey had something like urs happen..He went to rehab and they did start fresh and their marriage is stronger than ever now and it has been almost 11 yrs..But the main thing is u and him need to decide if ur gonna start fresh then leave the past in the past,dont bring it up when yall have arguments or get mad at each other,always put ur family first but make time for each other..If u cant do them things she says then it will never work.best of luck
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Hi there, my husband relapsed  (drugs/alcohol) early on in our relationship and cheated ... went to a 90 day rehab and has been clean and sober since.  We've been clean and sober together for 17 years now. Sobriety can happen if a person is "willing to go to any lengths" to achieve their sobriety. I had to have my husband committed to a Psychiatric ward, and put on meds for Paranoid Schizophrenia prior to a 90 day drug rehab. Had he not been willing to do that, i would definitely have left him. No question about it. I, incidentally, am also a gratefully recovering addict (which is why i knew exactly how to handle his relapse.). I'm here to talk privately if you feel the need. All the best.
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