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Opiate addiction

I have been with my boyfriend almost 3 years and he has always been addicted to opiates. I've watched as he went through ups and downs of life but never understood. Recently I asked him how his day was and he started yelling at me like I said something wrong. I told him to calm down but the insults kept pouring out of him. I could tell by the dark rings under his eyes that he just smoked a pill. Later that night he told me he did and I told him that I was disappointed in him for lying to me once more. He flipped it around on me and made me seem like it was my fault. My question is... should i stay with someone like this?
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But having said that, I'm pretty sure You already know this is a no win situation.

I think You should leave and I not even consider getting back with Him until and unless He is at least 3 YEARS into recovery.

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Hi there and welcome.  I have to say that I agree that you should not stay with this man.  

Sweetie, an addict puts their addiction above all else.  They can not possibly have a healthy relationship or even a real relationship with anyone because they have something controlling them (their drug).  That will rule all of his thoughts and all of his actions.  

When we date----  we are choosing a partner.  We are supposed to weed out those that are not right for us or not great partners.  A drug addict is not a great partner.  A volatile drug addict who takes no responsibility is a really bad partner.  

I really think that you should leave him.  And I'm frankly, not thinking you should get back with him even if he goes through recovery.  You're dating.  Not married, no kids in common.  You can make a clean break and go on to find a healthy, good partner.  That should be your goal.  Because sadly, people who abuse drugs often do relapse or switch their addiction to something else.  It is a lifetime battle to stay clean.  

I wish you all the luck in the world.  I've loved someone who abused before.  I'm not with him.  I wanted a different kind of life for myself.  peace
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Yes it is a hard Job to stay Clean. He has to want to do this for himself. It only gets worse and worse until he will loose everything to drugs or hit a rock bottom. I myself had to get out because I was going to die. That was enough to scare me straight, plus I was sick of being sick..He is thinking with a Drug Brain and not a Real Brain..A Addicted will Blame every one, every where because it is not our fault but yours. There is nothing you can do for him...PERIOD!!  HE has to do it for himself..I am sorry to hear that you have to deal with this, but DO NOT enable him either. Just tell him you are done..End of Story..If he loves himself and Life then he needs to get help!!!!!
I wish you the best for the Future.
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