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Recovered Heroin Addict taking Vicodin

Do you think this is a good idea?  My husband has a bad back and has been prescribed vicodin.  I"m very against this especially since he has lied to me in the past about pills.  And recently had a relapse (after 13 years of being clean)... I'm sick to my stomach  I don't know if he's playing games or what....
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hi , it is good to hear from you.
I was just reading our messages last night.
did he just get a new prescription?
when you posted in may you said he has used a few times.
if he wants to use again and has legit pain he will use this as an excuse.
many addicts manage their pain without opiates, they use alternate pain management treatments.
how are you doing?
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Hi, thank you for responding.  He did go to the doctor get a legit prescription.  She said he has a bulging disk and fracture in his back.  Which I will request proof of.  He did try to lie at first about the vicodin but decided to be honest which is a huge red flag but at the same time progress from just lying.  I really layed into him about it and he seems to realize although i feel sometimes he might be just tryig to shut me up.  I guess only time will tell.. I don't think he's using as of now.

I'm doing okay, thank you.  Still strugglign with the anxiety daily but much better than I was, i just have to keep moving forward I suppsed.  i thought i writing you back many times but just have been so busy.  I appreaciate you keeping in contact and i will definately keep you posted!
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